Sai Jai Sadhaa Nanda

Jai Sadhaa Nanda Yadhunaatha
[Victory to the ever happy King of Saints]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Sai Baba was a great modern day saint who lived in Shirdi, Maharashtra. He was considered as incarnation of God Dathathreya by some and of Saint Kabir by some. He lived a very simple life and is believed to have performed several miracles. Sai Baba taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, devotion to God and guru He has millions of followers who consider him as their God, their teacher, Their friend and their guide. Thursday is supposed the most holy day to pray him.]

Jay sadhaanandha yadhunaatha
Sakala vinutha raghunaatha
Rajata maha naga naatha
Pavanaathmaja sainaatha. (Jai Sadananda Yadunatha)

Victory to the ever happy king of saints,
For he is the Lord of Raghu clan,
Recognized by every one,
He is the silvery lord of serpents
And He is the Lord Sai,
Who is the son of wind god.

Pathri grama sambhootha
Viprothama kula jaatha
Sarva sadhguno bhedha
Phakeera pushta vikhyatha. (Jai Sadananda Yadunatha)

Born in the village called Pathri,
In a clan of great Brahmins,
He is beyond the six qualities
He is an itinerant saint,
Who is very famous.

Desha muga priya baala
Divyaathbudha gana leela
Gnyana bhakthi vanamaala
Bhuvana manohara sheela. (Jai Sadananda Yadunatha)

Darling lad who is the face of our land,
He performs holy and wonderful miracles,
He wears the forest garland of devotion and knowledge,
And performs the pretty acts in this world.

Godhavari vana chaari
Nithya noothya bramhachaari
Sathya nanda vihaari
Sarva papa parihaari. (Jai Sadananda Yadunatha)

He wanders in the forests round Godavari,
He is the very peculiar perennial bachelor,
He always dwells on the real joy,
And completely offsets all sins.

gana panditha gosayi
divya dwarakaamaayi
thathwa mahodhadhi sai
Sri guru satguru sai. (Jai Sadananda Yadunatha)

He is the greatly learned wandering monk,
Of the very holy Dwarakamai*,
Who is Sai, the great ocean philosophy,
And also he is the great and noble teacher called Sai.
*Temple in Shirdi where Sai Baba lived

Shakthi mukthi dhaadhaara
Bhaktha sidha sanchaara
Bhavitha bhavyaakaara
Bhava bandhana parihaara. (Jai Sadananda Yadunatha)

He presents us with strength and salvation,
He wanders with devotees and spiritual souls,
He makes to happen the future,
And he is the antidote for ills of domestic life.

nimba kalpa tharu moola
vaasa krupa manimaala
mangiricha gopaala
paalaya thulasi maala. (Jai Sadananda Yadunatha)

He sits underneath a plant of lime,
He is the beaded chain of mercy
He is the gopala of the mountain of mind,
Who protects us with his garland of Thulasi.

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