Panchadasi Lessons

Lesson 29: Practical – Inexplicability of the universe
Session: F50 – F53

There are many serious scientific investigations being conducted in varied fields to find the ultimate cause for everything.

Example: An apple falls from the tree. Serious scientific investigation is conducted and the theory of gravitation is discovered.

Similarly, there is a continuous effort to find the cause for everything with a hope that one day we will know everything that needs to be known through science.

However, this is a never-ending effort. One should have the wisdom to see that it is not possible ever to find the true nature of anything. Any investigation can progress only for few steps and eventually one will come to a dead end.

Example: Physicists keep breaking the matter into smaller and smaller particles in order to understand them. They kept inventing new laws and gaining new knowledge until they reached the subatomic level. Then they discovered that the laws that are applicable at the macro level no longer work in the subatomic level. Further investigation resulted in Uncertainty Principle, which is in other words mean that it is not possible to explain.

Therefore, it is important to recognize the fact that it is not possible to find explanation for anything in any field of science. Even the existence of a simple object cannot be explained completely.

Example: How this shirt is created? It is impossible to answer this question completely. It is possible to talk about the cloth – thread – cotton level. If we analyze the cotton, we can hardly see its constituent. It just disappears in front of our eyes. Even if we use microscope we cannot see it after a certain level.

Even if we say that the cotton has come from a plant, we will not be able to identify the origin of the plant. We might have to talk about creation at the time of Big Bang, which is only a theory.

Questions will be never ending and even if one goes on explaining upto Big bang, it is not possible to answer the questions on ‘what’ and ‘why’ relating to any object in the universe.

Such questions could be endless. Enormous amount of time, energy and money is being spent and the most intelligent among the human beings have tried their level best to get the final answer.

It can be easily seen that it is impossible to find the final answer if we consider the following fact.
In any cause-effect principle, the cause must have the attributes of the effect. For example if ring is made of gold, it should have the properties of gold. It is not possible that a cause and effect be of opposite nature. For example, light cannot come out of darkness or darkness cannot come out of light. However, we see that Inert object and Conscious principle are co-existing in living beings.

According to the scientists, consciousness has evolved accidentally due to chemical reactions between the inert objects. This is another way of saying, “I do not know”.

The Holy Scriptures declare that the inert objects are manifested (not created) out of the conscious principle and they appear to exist which is an illusion. This is another way of saying, “It is not possible to know”.

Since the cause and effect cannot have contradicting/ opposing attributes neither could have caused the other. Nevertheless, the fact is we see both Inert Objects and Consciousness co-existing.

Therefore, we need to understand the fact that there is no way we can explain this phenomena completely.

Scientists are making progress in their effort by continuously inventing new theories that overthrow the earlier ones. Moreover, none of them claims that their discovery/ invention will stand the test of time. Each invention is just a theory, which is waiting to be disproved by the subsequent research.

Holy Scriptures declare the ultimate truth (not a theory) which will stand the test of time. It is fully explained why it is not possible to explain the reasons for anything. It is not expected that one should blindly accept that it is not possible to find the ultimate reason for anything/ everything. One should undergo serious learning, reflection and a long period of inner transformation to understand why it is not possible to explain anything/ everything.

Once we understand that nothing can be explained by empirical method then the eternal search will stop. Thus understanding that one cannot understand is the ultimate understanding.

‘I do not know’ will result in eternal search. ‘I know that I cannot know’ will end the search.

This inexplicability can be explained from another dimension.

We are aware that we are a living being different from an inert object. Suppose we touch an ice cube, we feel it is cold. In addition, we are sure that the ice cube does not feel the warmth of our touch. Are we equally sure that our finger feels the coldness all by itself?

People who do not think will reply, ‘Yes my finger feels the coldness’. According to them, there is a difference between the ice cube (which cannot feel the sensation) and the finger (which can feel the sensation). They will attribute the difference to the ‘life’. Finger has life while the ice cube is inert.

This is obviously wrong.

People who apply their mind before answering the question will perceive that finger is just a tool that is used to feel the sensation. There is something else other than finger that feels the sensation and not the finger. For example if the person’s hand is paralyzed, then the finger cannot feel any sensation. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that there is no difference between the finger and the ice cube. Both are inert objects.

So which is the living being that feels the sensation of the ice cube?

If it is not finger, people may answer, “It is the mind that feels the sensation”. According to them, there is a difference between the ice cube (which cannot feel the sensation and the mind (which can feel the sensation). They will attribute the difference to the ‘life’. Mind has life while the ice cube is inert.

This is also wrong.

Mind is also an inert matter just like the finger or the ice cube. What differentiates the mind from the ice cube is its capability to reflect the consciousness. This is proved by the fact that we are aware that we had a deep sleep when the mind is totally absent.

This consciousness is the ‘life’. The ice cube, finger and the mind are inert objects. Since the mind is also inert, it cannot comprehend its own source of life.

Example: A torch light is powered by battery. While the light can illumine every object around, it cannot illumine the batteries that are powering the bulb.

Similarly, the mind cannot perceive the consciousness since it is enlivened by it. In case of the torch light, it can illumine the battery that is powering another torch light. Nevertheless, in case of the mind, all the minds in the universe are powered by the very same consciousness. Therefore, the mind can only understand that it cannot understand since it is an inert object.

Example: If we are kidnapped by a UFO into an alien universe, we need to accept that as a species of lower intelligence, we cannot comprehend their intention of capturing us.

Similarly, the mind has to allow itself to be a tool in the hands of ONE. Just as a finger can claim, that it is me, the mind can claim that it is me, the consciousness, without attempting to know who consciousness is.

Thus, the inexplicability of the illusory nature of the universe is fully explained.

Lesson 30: Enquiry on God
Session: F54 – F55

In the case of the universe, we perceive it through sense organs and we negate it as an illusion through enquiry. In the case of god, our task is more difficult. We cannot perceive god through our five sense organs. Therefore, we need to use our discriminative power and see logically that there is god.

After such ‘seeing’, we should enquire further and understand that GOD is also an illusion!

Through enquiry, we need to establish that GOD exists as an illusion.

Is there god?

The answer could be obtained in two ways. Firstly, all the Holy Scriptures talk about god. Secondly, our own logical inference suggests that there is god. We cannot assume that the universe and the life in it came about without an intelligence cause.

No creation is possible without a creator. Since we see the universe, we can presume that there should be a god, who created it.

Most people will agree that god exists but they disagree widely on the name, form, attributes and such factors relating to god. Since it is not possible to perceive the god using our five sense organs we cannot come to a uniform conclusion on god as we do with respect to other objects in the world.

It is not necessary to come to a uniform conclusion on the name, form and attributes of god for us to proceed with our enquiry. Even those who hold that there is no god need to do the enquiry in order to verify their statement else, they will continue to be blindly believing that there is no god.
The first step in the enquiry is a deep desire to know true nature of god. This step is the most difficult step because:

- Those who do not believe in god may not easily accept the existence of god in order to understand the true nature. However if they somehow get the desire, the end of the enquiry will be more beneficial to them since at the end we are going to find out that GOD is an illusion.

- Those who hold on to their personal versions of gods will not be willing to analyze the true nature of GOD. If they strongly believe that their version of god alone is the ultimate truth, they are not yet ready for the enquiry. They should continue to function as dictated by the governing principles laid out by their personal gods. If they follow the path faithfully, they will be ready for the enquiry one day.

- Those who do not hold any one name/form as god but believe in one universal god are the most suitable candidates for conducting the enquiry to find the true nature of GOD. They hold the higher-level truth. However, they also may not be willing to conduct an enquiry with an open mind since we intend to declare GOD as an illusion.

The second step is to consider the description of GOD according to the Holy Scriptures, which can be validated by logic. For the sake of guiding people at various levels of intelligence, the Holy Scriptures would have talked about many different versions of gods. Nevertheless, we need to find out whether the ultimate definition stands the test of logic.

For example, it is illogical to consider an entity as god, which is independent of the earth/ universe. If the god is to sit in a heaven and supervise the functioning of the human beings on earth, he is yet another monarch governing us and not an all-powerful god.

One such description of GOD, which fits the test of logic, is detailed below:

GOD can be understood easily by comparing GOD with us. When we say ‘I’ we mean the living being that is housed in this physical body. GOD means a living being that is housed in all the physical bodies in the universe.

The entire universe is GOD. When we look around, we do not see anything but GOD. This is the physical part of the GOD.

We have a mind, which is independent of our body. Similarly, GOD has a mind, which is the cumulative aggregation of all the minds in the universe. This is the subtle part of the GOD sometime referred as cosmic mind.

Finally, we have a causal body, which holds the seed for our physical body and mind. This causal body holds the preferences and accumulated results of our past actions in addition to our physical body/ subtle body (mind) in the potential form. The aggregation of all the causal bodies in the universe is the causal part of the GOD.

We can perceive our physical body and others also can perceive it. It is like a seeing in bright day light. We can perceive our subtle body (mind) but others cannot perceive it. It is like seeing in dusk or dawn. A vague outline can be seen without much clarity. Neither others nor we can perceive our causal body since its basic nature is ignorance. We were identified with causal body during deep sleep and consequently we are aware of nothing. It is like seeing on a pitch-dark night. We cannot see ourselves!

Another example is seed, plant and tree. Looking at the seed, we know it is there but we have no more information. This is the causal stage of the universe. When the seed sprouts, we have some idea of what it is. This is the subtle stage of the universe. When the seed becomes a fully-grown tree, all the details are very clearly perceived.

Similarly, GOD can be perceived very clearly only in the full-evolved universe. Manifestation of the universe also follows the same principle of seed becoming a tree. When a seed becomes the plant, the entire seed becomes the plant. Both the intelligent cause and material cause of the plant is the seed. Similarly, the entire plant becomes a tree. Both the intelligent cause and the material cause of the tree is the plant. In the same way, GOD manifests this world. The seed is the tree. GOD is the universe.

Thus, the Holy Scriptures conclude that the GOD is nothing but the collection of everything in the universe.

Statement 60: There is nothing but GOD.

Example: There are various independent cells living and nonliving in our body. The total aggregation of all the cells together constitutes our physical body.

Similarly, all the living beings / inert objects together are called as one GOD. I exist in all my cells. GOD exists in all of us. There is no cell (dead or alive) in my body, which is outside of me. There is no living being/ inert object in the universe, which is outside of GOD.

The third step in understanding god is to do a logical validation of GOD as described above.

This is the first level of understanding that is acceptable to our intelligence. Once we recognize the existence of GOD as the sum total of the entire universe then we are ready to learn the ultimate truth.

There is no GOD since there is no universe in the first place. ONE, which is indivisible, appears to be divided into many objects in the universe. The entire collection is called GOD. It is beyond the capabilities of our intelligence to perceive how indivisible ONE appears to be divided.

The individual reflection of ONE gives rise to living beings and the collective reflection is GOD. However, the entire concept of reflection has a lower order of reality. In absolute reality, only ONE exists. In relative reality, inferior living beings and superior GOD exist.

Therefore, GOD is also an illusion just as the universe, which includes my body/ mind complex. I am the only reality.

Lesson 31: Nature of GOD according to logic
Session: F56 – F57

We can prove the existence and the nature of GOD by extrapolating the cause-effect reasoning. The nature of a product can be analyzed to determine the nature of its source.

Example: By analyzing the nature of the wooden chair, we can infer the nature of the wood. An expert can easily say whether the chair is made of Rose Wood or Red Wood without even analyzing the sample of the wood out of which the chair was made.

Similarly, by looking at ourselves we can determine the source from which we are made. We are made up of the body and mind which reflects the consciousness. Therefore, the GOD also must be having a body and mind which reflects the consciousness. This view is confirmed by the Holy Scriptures as well.

Our earlier example explains the relationship between Self. EGO and GOD.

Space with ONE
Water droplets in the cloud with Preferences constituting Causal Body
Other particles in the cloud with Inert matter in the universe
Each droplet that reflect space with Living beings in the universe
Cloud (The power of sun) with Universe/ Illusion (The power of ONE)
Reflected Space in the droplet with Ego
Reflected Space in the cloud with GOD

There are infinite numbers of particles in the cloud, which keep forming, disintegrating and reforming. There are infinite numbers of inert matter in the universe, which keep being converted into energy and being reconverted as inert matter. (The sum total of the energy and matter do not change. Energy/ Matter cannot be created or destroyed.)
Some of the particles in the cloud can reflect the space above. (Called water particles) Some of the inert matter in the universe can reflect the consciousness aspect of ONE. (It is called Causal Body of the individual that contains the blue print of the subtle body and physical body. It holds the preferences and accumulated results of the past actions of the individual)

The reflection of the space in the individual droplet is the EGO while the total reflection of the space in the entire cloud is GOD.

The individual reflecting medium (water droplet) is the subtle body (mind) of the living being and the total reflecting medium (collection of all the droplets) is the subtle body of the GOD.

The individual inert particle (water droplet) is the physical body of the living being. The remaining inert particles (non-water part of the cloud) are the inert objects in the universe. The entire cloud is the physical body of the GOD.

The cloud looks like a solid object from a distance. When we take small part of it to analyze, it disappears. Similarly, the universe appears to be real and when we analyze, it no longer appear to be real.

The cloud is the illusion. The space seen in the cloud is the reflection.
Both GOD and Living beings are the reflections of the ONE.

It is easier to see the reflection of the space in a water droplet. Similarly, it is easier to see the EGO of the living being.
One has to infer that the reflection of the space in the cloud. Similarly, one has to infer the existence of GOD.
Nevertheless both the EGO and GOD are just illusion and not real.
Space is the only reality. ONE is the only reality.

Statement 61: GOD is the macro reflection of ONE, which includes the entire universe.

This is established through reasoning and logical enquiry. The knowledge so gained through enquiry is consistent with the description of GOD given in Holy Scriptures.

Lesson 32: Nature of GOD according to the scriptures
Session: F58 – F61

The Holy Scriptures also states that GOD is the controller of the illusion since he is the perfect reflection of ONE. Based on the capabilities, GOD is described in the Holy Scriptures as Omnipotent, Omniprevalent, Omniscient and Omnipresent

Statement 62: GOD is Omnipotent

GOD is all-powerful. He has laid out the cosmic law, which governs the functioning of the universe. All the laws discovered by science are instituted by GOD. A sample list of such laws is given below.

Archimedes principles, Newton’s three laws of motion, Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion, Boyle’s Law, Joule’s first and second law…the list is endless.

Since GOD alone could institute such laws, he is omnipotent. These laws cannot be changed or violated at all. Such is the power of GOD.

It should be noted that these laws are conceived and instituted by GOD and human beings have just found out the existence of such laws. Gravitational force existed long before Newton could write about it. GOD does not make any mistake in his job. A human being can make mistakes due to insufficient knowledge. When the human beings become more intelligent, the old laws (conceived through their inferior intelligence) may be are modified or replaced by a new law based on the new understanding.

In general, people do not recognize this power of GOD inspite of such strong evidences. Infact they go one-step further in their ignorance and hold only the violation of these laws show the power of GOD or the absence of GOD’s power.

For example, it is against GOD’s law that a man can change water into wine by touching the container. (We should praise GOD’s power because he has instituted such a law. Else, when we drink coffee, it might become water after couple of sips. Thank God, the coffee remains as such until the last sip). When a man changes water into wine, there are two kinds of reactions.

Reaction 1: Changing water into wine is a miracle therefore GOD is Omnipotent. People react like this when the performer claims that he has the grace of GOD. (Normally such miracles are done to attract non-believers into god’s fold)

Reaction 2: Changing water into wine is a proof that GOD is not omnipotent. People react like this when the performer claims that he does not believe in god.

Both are wrong. God need not be (and cannot be) proved by miracles. It cannot be said that just because a human being has violated a GOD’s law, god does not exist. Both such reactions are baseless.

GOD is to be recognized as omnipotent because everything in the universe functions within the established laws. One of the important laws of GOD is that these laws can never be violated. Another law is that there is always an exception to a law. The only exception to this law is GOD. He alone is capable of breaking any the laws instituted by him.

The mere fact that whatever we see functions within these established laws is the proof of the Omnipotent capability of GOD.

Example: In a dream, a car will suddenly be transformed into a cycle

In the world, nothing like this will happen because everything functions according to the laws instituted by the all-powerful GOD.

Statement 63: GOD is Omniprevalent

GOD is the motive power, which drives all the living beings in the universe. GOD exists even within the inert objects. There is nothing in the universe in which GOD is not present.

Instead of logically seeing how this could be possible for GOD, we will now see how it is impossible for GOD not to be Omniprevalent.

If we assume that there is an evil force, which is devoid of GOD, then we run into many logical problems. It is like saying in a computer network there are certain set of computers, which are not connected to the central server. It means that there is more than one network. Therefore, GOD cannot be omnipotent. Like this, it is possible to list so many factors to show that it is impossible for the GOD not to be Omniprevalent.

In the cause effect cycle, normally we can perceive the cause only upto a level. Beyond certain stage, we can only infer and not perceive the cause.

Example: We can see the shirt (effect) and look for the cause (cloth). We look at the cloth (effect) and look for the cause (thread). The cycle will go on until cotton. At this point, we need to stop. If we start looking for the cause of cotton, we can only infer and not perceive its existence directly.

Just because we are not able to see the cause, we cannot deny its existence. Similarly, if we analyze the effect in the universe and keep looking at the cause, we cannot go beyond three of four steps. The only way to find the root cause of the universe is to depend on our logical ability supported by Holy Scripture.

Logic: If a chariot is seen running, we should infer that horses are pulling it. (It is impossible for an inert object to keep functioning without the support of a living being)

Similarly, if the earth, sun and everything around are to function then there need to be intelligent cause behind it. It is called GOD.

In addition to the intelligent cause, there has to be a material cause in the creation of the universe. The material cause is also GOD. If the intelligent cause is independent of the material cause then it means that there are god and something that is non-god. It is impossible to have a non-god because it cannot have a cause.

Thus, GOD, which is the ultimate cause, is Omniprevalent.

Statement 64: GOD is Omniscient

GOD is Omniscient means he knows everything.

We can only know that GOD knows everything but can never know how much he knows.
Example: If someone holds a degree in a particular subject from a reputed university, we know that he has lots of knowledge. We do not need to gain all his knowledge to know that he knows.
Thus, our knowledge on GOD’s knowledge is limited to knowing that GOD knows and not attempt to verify GOD’s knowledge.

Since it is already proved that, the GOD is the combination of all the minds of all the living beings in the universe. Therefore, it is obvious that the GOD has to be omniscient.

From another angle, it is popularly said ‘God knows everything’ with reference to the wrong actions.

Example: An accused claims innocence in court. Only the victim knows that he is lying but nothing could be done to prove his guilt. The victim says ‘God knows everything’.

Since the accused knows the truth obviously, God will also know the truth (because the mind of the accused is included in God’s mind)

Thus if we do a wrong action and forget about it, it still resides in the mind as an irreplaceable memory that will come with us for all the births to come. Such recording of our actions within ourselves (called as ‘God Knows everything’ since God includes our mind) ensures that we get to suffer for our wrong actions.
GOD does not have a mind of his own that is independent of the mind of all the living beings.

Example: The forest is nothing but a collection of all the trees. An individual tree is not a forest.

Thus, GOD is a combination of all the inert objects and living beings. Therefore, he knows everything.

Our knowledge is stored in our memory. This memory is available to us most of the time. Sometime we may not be able to recollect a particular piece of information and that does not mean that we do not have the knowledge. We either know or do not know. What we do not know we cannot recollect. We may not be able to recollect some information but we still have that knowledge in our memory.

Example: A stand-alone computer has specific data in the hard disk. A computer, which is networked, can access the data in all the computers connected to the network.

Similarly, since GOD is connected to all the memory of all the living beings, obviously, the GOD is omniscient.

We have certain knowledge, which we are not aware of. All the knowledge that we accumulate in a lifetime is fully available as our preferences that will be taken along with us when we take our next birth. As a corollary, as of now we have all the knowledge gained by us in all our earlier births.

It is not that we can access all the knowledge directly. As observed earlier many times we are not able to recollect the knowledge that is gained few weeks back. So obviously it is not a wonder that the knowledge accumulated in the earlier births are not directly available. Then how do we know that we have the knowledge that is accumulated from the previous births?

Example: We have deep interest and knowledge in a particular subject, say mathematics in our current life. This knowledge is available as our preferences in our next birth. This is proved based on our current experience. When the mathematics was taught in the class, we liked it more than our classmates did. We worked out additional sums at home willingly and improved our skills on mathematics because we have already studied it in our previous birth. Therefore, a sum, which is difficult for others, is easy for us.

GOD is aware of all the accumulated knowledge of all the living beings alive or dead. Therefore, he is omniscient.

Statement 65: GOD is Omnipresent

GOD is omnipresent means he is ever-present. There was no time when he did not exist and there will be no time when his existence will end.

GOD is omnipresent also means he is everywhere. There is no place, where he does not exist. Moreover, wherever we look we can perceive only him and nothing else.

GOD is present all the time and everywhere but not in the way that he could be perceived through our senses. The universe is his physical body. All the objects in the creation are part of him. There was a time when the universe was not available for perception. It was in the seed form. When it is time for the living beings to start enjoying the fruits of their action, GOD manifests this universe in the way we can perceive it. It is just like our waking up in the morning. While we are asleep, we are not aware of the existence of the universe. When we get up we perceive the world. Similarly, when GOD wakes up the universe is manifested. GOD sustains the universe and when it is time for the living beings to stop enjoying the world, he withdraws the universe into singularity. In scientific terms, this cycle is called Big Bang followed by Big Crunch.

The process of manifestation, sustenance and resolution happens in a continuous cycle all the time repeatedly.

Example: A picture, which is painted on one side of the cloth, is displayed, held and folded.

Similarly, the universe is manifested, sustained and resolved.

The actions of the human beings determine the results that they are supposed to enjoy. A universe is created that is suitable and appropriate for the fructification of the results of the actions by the living beings done in the previous cycle.

Thus, the universe was never created for the first time. It is always present, but it has two statuses, visible and invisible. What we presently experience is the visible universe. Invisible status means the universe in the seed form.

In the visible universe, GOD is present in all the inert objects and in all the living beings. In the invisible universe, GOD continues to be the inert objects and living beings in the seed form, which is not available for experiencing.

Thus, GOD is omnipresent.

Lesson 33: Enquiry on the relationship between GOD and ONE
Session: F62 – F64

In general, people are aware of GOD and ignorant of ONE. GOD and ONE are two different truths explained in all the Holy Scriptures. However, both are perceived as one truth by the followers of the various religions. The reason for this misconception is the absence of systematic study of the Holy Scriptures.

While studying the Holy Scriptures, it is essential to understand the central message by identifying the following six pointers.

What is the message contained in the Introduction and Conclusion?
What message is conveyed repeatedly?
Is this message can be learnt from any source other than Holy Scriptures?
Is it explained in detail through examples and logically proved?
Has the scripture talked about the benefit of knowing this message?
Has it praised this message and blamed the ignorance of this message?

In general, the Holy Scriptures contain various messages that are necessary to convey the central theme. Therefore, it is essential to use the above pointers to validate whatever conclusion one might derive from the Holy Scriptures. Once the conclusion is validated through these pointers, it can be assumed that, one has found the central message.

If the central message of any Holy Scripture is understood, then

The necessity of all other messages is understood
The oneness of all the Holy Scriptures is seen
There will not be any confusion or contradiction on GOD
The search for god will stop.
It is no longer required to follow any religious practices
There is no need to study any Holy Scripture
The ignorant behavior of others will be understood
The need to defend our truth will vanish
There will not be any need for recognition.

As long as, the central message is not understood people will continue to be ignorant about Self, Universe and GOD.

From birth, people assume that they are the body and mind. They have only one meaning for the word ‘I’, which is the wrong meaning. There is no confusion in their mind since they are ignorant of their real nature.

Similarly, most people think that they know god. They have only one meaning for the word ‘god’. Although this meaning varies among different religious groups, each one is sure that their definition is correct. However, as long as there is a mistake in realizing the true nature of self, it is impossible to know the true nature of GOD.

The multiple definitions of names/ forms of Gods by the various religious groups are the conclusive proof that they do not know the correct definition. Logically there cannot be more than one god. In addition, it is illogical to assume that there are some religions talks about a false god. That means all the religions should be talking about the very same god. The difference of opinion is due to the non-discrimination between GOD and ONE.

GOD and ONE are two different truths.

Statement 66: ONE is the only reality. GOD is an illusion of ONE at the macro level and does not have independent, absolute reality.

GOD exists only in the relative reality just like our body and mind. There is ONE, which is the only reality, and due to the power of ONE, illusion is created, which reflects the features of ONE. This reflection is referred as GOD. In general, people use the term god to refer to ONE as well.

ONE exists forever

GOD comes into existence along with the manifestation of the universe. Once the universe is resolved, GOD is also resolved. GOD is the cause of the universe. The cause exists only when there is an effect.

ONE is action less and does not cause anything.

GOD does the manifestation and he is the cause of the universe.

ONE has the power of illusion. GOD is the reflection of ONE projected on this illusion. GOD is the combination of all the inert objects and living beings.

Example: To paint a picture a white cloth is straightened using starch.

The white cloth is ONE

The starched cloth is GOD (ONE together with illusion) in the Causal Stage

The starched cloth with the outline of the picture is GOD in the Subtle Stage

The starched cloth with fully painted picture is GOD in the Gross Stage.

Thus, GOD manifests himself as universe, which is available for perception.

ONE has no role to play in this whole exercise.

GOD plays the role of manifestation but he does it according to the preferences of the living beings.

Example: In the winter, icebergs are formed in the poles.

Water is ONE

The coldness is the power of ONE. The chilled water is GOD. At this stage, GOD is said to be in the causal stage. There is no division in chilled water. Similarly, there are no divisions of living beings in the causal stage. However the preferences and the accumulated results of the actions of the previous birth of each individual living being causes the chilled water to turn into ice bergs of different size and shape.

While the icebergs are in the process of formation, it can be said to be in subtle stage. At this stage, individual living beings could be identified and taken together it is the GOD in the second stage of evolution.

Finally, when the ice bergs are fully formed it represents the fully manifested universe, the GOD in is gross form.

Thus, there are two concepts: ONE, which is non-functional, eternal, and pure, and the Universe together with all the inert objects and living beings called as GOD, which is an illusion.

GOD evolves into the universe or appears as the universe instantly.

Example: In a dream, we travel from one place to another place. We might reach the destination instantly or go gradually.

We meet a 40-year-old stranger but he is only few minutes old in the dream.

Thus, the universe could have evolved through many logical stages of evolution OR it could have been created, as it exists today with varied life forms. According to the creation theory one fine day (it could be today), the universe appeared along with the accumulated memory of all the past events in everyone’s mind.

Since the whole universe is an illusion, it does not matter how it really came into existence. If creation could be explained in a systematic manner with absolute clarity, it cannot be an illusion.

For academic purposes, it is assumed that the universe is created in stages of logical and systematic evolution. The truth could be otherwise.

Lesson 34: Enquiry on the relationship between EGO/Self/ONE
Session: F65

EGO is the literal meaning of the word ‘I’, which includes our body/mind complex powered by the reflection of ONE. It is like the space reflected in the water.

Self is the real meaning of the word ‘I’, which is the only reality, ONE. It is like the pot-space.

It is already shown that our body/ mind complex is part of the illusion. The only reality is ONE, which is powering us. We are made up of the combination of ONE and the mortal body/mind complex.

It is our choice to identify ourselves with ONE and be immortal OR remain ignorant of the truth and think we are the body/ mind complex called as EGO.

Statement 67: ONE is the only reality. EGO is an illusion of ONE at the micro level and does not have independent, absolute reality.

The ONE and Self are one and the same. Just like there is no difference between the space inside the pot and space outside the pot, there is no difference between self and ONE. The difference if any is only in the name.

The word Self is used for ONE, when we refer the ONE that is reflected in the body mind complex.

Example: I am in a room where there are many mirrors. Looking at the reflection of my friend in one of the mirror, I tell him to look at me. He has the option of looking at any of my reflection or look at me directly. Whichever reflection he looks at, it is me. Even if he looks at me directly, it is me.

Each of my reflection together with the mirror, since the reflection cannot exist without the mirror, is called EGO. I am the ONE. EGO, which is one of my reflections, is shouting at my friend, “Why are you not looking at me?” In this example, it cannot happen since the reflection does not assume that it is an independent entity. However, in our case, we assume that we are independent of ONE.

ONE is the only reality. Moreover, the very same reality is the true meaning of the word ‘Self’. ONE is changeless before creation, during the sustenance of the universe and after resolution. ONE by itself cannot do any function nor can perceive the universe. The very same ONE using the mind/ body of the individual living beings can do the transaction.

There are infinite living beings. Nevertheless, all of them are the reflection of the same ONE. Since there are many reflections, we refer to them by the word ‘EGO’ and we refer the original as ONE.

Thus, we are all the same ONE but due to our Delusion the intelligence is on the assumption that it is functioning independently without the support of ONE. Mind and body are just the tools of the Self.

It may be difficult for us to accept the fact that there are so many different reflections, reflecting the very same ONE. That is the reason we take long time to systematically study the Holy Scripture for a length of time under a competent live teacher and then reflect on it/ validate it before gaining the knowledge.

Even after gaining the knowledge, the apparent differences in the reflections will continue. The only change will be in our mind. We will no longer give the reality to the world as we used to give prior to gaining the knowledge since we now know that all the living beings are in fact ONE.


ONE Vs GOD: ONE is the only reality and the macro reflection is GOD

GOD Vs god: GOD is the reflection of ONE together with the reflecting medium (Illusion) and god refers to the normal meaning of the term used by ignorant people which may or may not include ONE depending on the level of ignorance.

ONE Vs Self: Both are same. The word Self is used to refer ONE in an individual

Self Vs EGO: Self is ONE and EGO is reflection of ONE together with the reflecting medium (body/mind complex)

EGO Vs self: Both are same

GOD Vs EGO: Both are reflections + reflecting mediums. But GOD controls the medium of reflection and EGO is under the control of the medium of reflection (We are under the control of our mind and the current effort is to bring mind under our control)

Self Vs self: Self is ONE and self is ONE together with body/mind complex

EGO Vs ego: EGO is ONE with body/mind complex and ego is the ‘I’ thought

Preference Vs Imprints: Repeated thoughts create Imprints in our mind and the Imprints create likes and dislikes, which are called preferences.

Lesson 35: Enquiry on ONE
Session: F66

The final destination in the process of enquiry of EGO, GOD and the Universe is to understand that all of them as illusion. If this is understood then the only remaining reality is ONE. When we understand ONE is the only reality then we will be far above the rest of the humanity squabbling over various religions. The differences and confusions prevailing on god will appear to be insignificant.

Example: When seen from the aircraft one cannot perceive the difference in the height between a grass and a coconut tree.

There are varying the levels of understanding among the rest of the human beings until they reach the level of this final understanding. It is essential that one is not caught in the relative pleasures gained in the process of gaining knowledge and stop the effort until one reaches the final level. The coconut tree cannot compare its height with grass and assume that it has reached the maximum possible height.

Until it is understood that both the living being and the GOD are reflection of ONE the enquiry should not stop. ONE has the power of illusion. GOD is a perfect reflection of ONE in this illusion and GOD creates the Universe and the living beings. Living being is the reflection of ONE in the subtle body.

All the problems in the life are created by the living being due to their misconception of their true nature.

It is not possible to accept that there is more than one absolute reality. Therefore, unless we prove Living being, Universe and GOD are illusion we will be involved in action to get liberation all the time. Then it is not possible to gain enlightenment through gaining knowledge. Only if the universe is an illusion it can be understood as illusion. Since there are many living examples of enlightened people who enjoy joyful living merely by gaining knowledge, it is definitely not required to perform any action in order to reach liberation.

If action will lead to liberation, then it is possible to guide all the human beings in performing the required action so that they can get enlightenment. On the other hand, it is difficult to make everyone understand since most of the people are not matured enough to comprehend the ultimate knowledge. Thus, there exists a divide between the enlightened and ignorant people.

In case of action-based results, it should be possible for the leaders to lead everyone through.
Example: If the children are not able to do the homework, the parents can do it for them.
Similarly, the enlightened persons can lead others easily. This is not the case. Since Joyful Living is possible, only through gaining knowledge the teachers have to struggle to make the students understand the truth. However intelligent and competent the teacher may be, unless the student is fully prepared it is not possible for him to impart the knowledge.

In order to prepare himself to gain the knowledge, he may have to be involved in many actions, which are also prescribed in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore he should follow the prescription of the Holy Scriptures and get involved in action so that he gets enough mental maturity to receive the knowledge.

No one should be stuck at any sort of action (including praying to god) and expect to get liberated.

No one can try to gain the ultimate knowledge that will give the liberation without preparing the mind through selfless action.

Thus, action is a preparatory step for gaining the knowledge and gaining the knowledge is the final step leading to Joyful Living.

While we are dreaming, the events in the dream dictate whether we are happy or unhappy. Supposing we get to know that we are dreaming while the dream is still going on, then we enjoy the dream irrespective of the events in the dream.

Similarly, the events in the life will be alternating between fame/ blame, poverty/ prosperity, love/ hate and health/ ill health swaying us between happiness and sorrow. However, when we gain the ultimate knowledge that the universe is an illusion then the events in life will no longer have the power to distract us from our true nature, happiness.

If we understand the central theme of all the Holy Scriptures that ONE is the only reality and the rest are illusion, there is nothing else remaining to be learnt. We know that every object in the universe is essentially ONE. Everything else other than ONE is an illusion and therefore they need not be learnt.

Once we understand the oneness of ONE then life will be fun because it is a drama. Life will be joyful whatever be the twists and turns.

Statement 68: Through enquiry, we can find out that ONE is beyond enquiry.

How do we know that ONE is one?

There appears to be multiple objects and living beings around us. How can we say everything is ONE?

There are two aspects in the existence of the various objects in the universe. “Book is”, “Pen is” etc. If we pay attention to the names and forms like Book, pen etc then they will appear to be many. However, if we pay attention to IS ness then there is only one.
Example: In a jewelry shop, one can see many objects or one gold.

Another way to see the one ness is to observe our self. The objects may be many. However, the perceiver seems to be one. I see a book, I see a pen etc. Nevertheless, I am constant all the time.

Statement 69: I am the experiencer and therefore I am the ONE.

Lesson 36: Enquiry on Magic and Miracles
Session: F67 – F68

If a person is converting water into wine, it could be either a magic or a miracle.

Magic is something in which the viewers are made to believe that the natural law is broken. This means the performer somehow switches the container and makes the viewers believe that he has changed the water into wine. Although it may be difficult and requires some practice, it is technically possible for every human being to be trained to be a magician and convert water into wine.

Miracle is something, which actually breaks down the law invented by human beings (not GOD’s law). Science has not progressed to its limits. If a person could change water into wine by mere touch, it only means that it is within the GOD’s law but not yet understood by science. Miracle can be described as an impossible task for an ordinary man. However, since a mortal man has done this act, when science progresses to understand the process, it should be possible for everyone to do such miracles and convert water into wine.

Statement 70: Magic is no longer a magic if the process of the act is understood.

Statement 71: Miracle is no longer a miracle if everyone can do it.

Both Magic and Miracles should not affect our understanding that GOD is Omnipotent in anyway. The ultimate proof that GOD is Omnipotent is the existence of the universe. GOD has done a magic of hiding ONE and showing the non-existing world as real because he is all-powerful.

Example: In a magic show, all of a sudden a girl appears next to the magician. An old woman in the audience did not notice the appearance of the girl. She is under the impression that the girl is standing by the side of the magician all the time. While the rest of the audience is wonderstruck on how could suddenly a girl can appear on the stage, the old woman is very unimpressed. The assistant of the magician who is also sitting in front of the stage knows the trick. He also watches the girl suddenly appearing on the stage but he is as unimpressed as the old woman is, because he knows what really happened.

However, there is a difference between the assistant and the old woman. The assistant has lots of reverence and respect to the magician because he is very impressed with the capabilities of the magician. The old woman does not care for the magician much. All she knows is that the magician is the center of attraction but cannot figure out the reason.

GOD is the magician. He has created the universe. Just like the old woman, we do not realize the greatness of this act because we take the world for granted. Most of us are waiting for the god to send a messenger to show us some miracle for us to believe that he is Omnipotent! Like the old woman who waits for a magic to be done until the end of the show, we are also waiting eternally to see the power of god. On the other hand, the enlightened people see the illusion and appreciate the power of god, just as the assistant is appreciative of the magician.

The assistant knows the trick but he cannot perform the trick. Only the magician has the capability to perform the trick. The assistant is awed by the capabilities of the magician.

An enlightened person knows how GOD has created the universe but he cannot create it. Only GOD has the capability to create the universe. He is awed by the capabilities of GOD.

Just after the conclusion of a trick, the old woman will murmur ‘why can’t he show some trick which I can see’, most people in the world do not recognize ‘walking on the road’ as a magic and wait for someone to walk on the water.

Lesson 37: Enquiry on the Omniprevalent capability of GOD
Session: F69 – F73

Everything in the universe is controlled by GOD and nothing in the universe functions without the will and acceptance of the GOD.

Since GOD is the driving force behind every action that happens in this universe, it can be easily seen that the actions of the individual human being is fully controlled by GOD.

Example: A cloth is made up of thread.

There is no cloth that is independent of the thread. The cloth has absolutely no freedom and it is completely dependent on the thread for everything. If the thread is folded, cloth is folded. If the thread is colored, the cloth is colored. The cloth cannot move a bit without the acceptance of the supporting thread.

Similarly, the universe is made up of GOD.

Just as the thread has become the cloth, GOD has become the universe (which includes all the living beings and inert objects).

There is no universe that is independent of the GOD. The objects in the universe have absolutely no freedom and they are completely dependent on the GOD for functioning. GOD has absolute control over everything in the universe just as the thread has absolute control over the cloth. It can be said ‘nothing moves without god’s grace’.
The term ‘universe’ includes all the living beings. This means GOD is controlling every action of every human being in the universe.

An important implication of this capability of GOD to be the driving force is the existence of free will.

Statement 72: There is no free will. Everything happens according to God’s will.

This statement has to be understood with greatest care. It is not that all our actions are controlled by an external entity.

It is already said that GOD is both the intelligent cause and the material cause of the universe. Therefore, we are made up of GOD. GOD does not have an independent free will. GOD controls us by being prevalent inside our mind as our preferences.

In other words, the God’s will is already available with us as our preferences, which are the results of our past actions.
GOD is controlling our actions through these ‘natural’ preferences in our mind.

Example: In a buffet lunch, there are several varieties of food. Every guest has complete choice over what he chooses to eat. Does free will exist? Yes, no one is compelling anyone to eat or not to eat a particular dish. Therefore, it appears that all the guests are using the free will and select what they want to eat. However, everyone will take only those items they like. They have no choice on their likes and dislikes at that point of time. So they are totally controlled by their preferences.

Most people go around and look around the spread before starting to eat. However, some people will search for specific items of their liking and pick only those dishes and ignore the rest. Some other people would like to taste little of all the items they like. There may be few, who want to try the new items on the menu. Some who are health conscious will choose food according to their permitted calorie intake. Few others will just freak out eating what is tasty, ignoring the health aspect.

Thus, each guest seems to be different but they are like preprogrammed machines. One who fills up the plate with two or three items will never try to taste 20 dishes. There seems to be no free will at all. Everyone is controlled by his preferences.

Thus, we do not have any free will and all our actions are controlled by our own preferences.

Example: Dhuriyodhana says, “I know what is right but I am not able to do that. I know what is wrong but I am not able avoid that. There seems to be an external force within me which makes me do what I do and I am helplessly watching”.

This is the status of all the human beings. We all know the difference from the right and wrong actions. However, what is actually done by us seem to be predetermined.

Example: In the buffet lunch, a fat man takes lots of potato. He is aware that potato will not suit his body but still he cannot restrain himself from eating the potato. Where is his freewill? He seems to be fully controlled by GOD through his preferences (liking for potato).

There is another person who likes sweet but does not take it because he is diabetic. Does this person has free will and not controlled by his preferences? Not really. Through his past actions, he has developed a matured mind, which is not swayed by his likening for sweets. It is not possible for anyone to compel this person to take sweets. Again he is seems to be fully controlled by GOD through his matured mind.

Thus, all our actions are controlled by our preferences preset in us.

Statement 73: There is no God’s will. Everything happens according to our free will.

This is another way of looking at the truth.

Example: A cloth is made up of many threads.

There is no cloth that is independent of the threads. The cloth has absolutely no freedom and it is completely dependent on the threads for everything. If a set of threads are folded, the cloth is folded. If the thread is colored, the cloth is colored.

Similarly, the GOD is made up of individual living beings.

Just as the collection of threads is called cloth, the collection of human beings is called GOD. GOD cannot intervene in our lives. We decide our fate using our free will. All our past actions are accumulated as our preferences and we function according to our own preferences. There is no role for GOD here.

The results of our good and bad actions of the past determine the opportunities that we get now. How we use these opportunities are influenced by our set preferences and accumulated knowledge.

Thus, it can be said that there is no God’s will. Everything happens according to our free will only.

Statement 74: There is no contradiction between God’s will and Free will.

As we have seen it is only a matter of perception, whether God’s will or Free will dictates our life. If we understand ‘who is GOD’ and ‘who am I’ the question ‘Is there a free will?’ does not arise.
Example: I have butter but I do not have any ghee.

This statement is not true. The butter is the ghee. Similarly, our free will is the God’s will.

However, for practical purpose we have two names ‘butter’ and ‘ghee’. Similarly, we need to use the two terms ‘Free will’ and ‘God’s will’ depending on the context. These two terms are not interchangeable (as in the case of butter and ghee) when it comes to explaining our actions and results of our actions.

All our actions which we do voluntarily influenced only by our Free Will and GOD has no role to play in it.

All the results of our actions are totally influenced only by God’s will and our Free will has no role to play in it.
All our ACTIONS are done exclusively by exercising our Free Will. Whenever we have a choice, we have total control on what we do, how we do and when we do.

Example: On arriving in an airport, we seem to have complete control to select any one of the immigration clearance counter. If we feel that another queue is moving faster than ours, we have unrestricted option to switch the queue at any point of time.

At any given moment, what we are doing is entirely our choice. Therefore, we tend to say ‘We have a free will’.

All the RESULTS of our actions accrue only at God’s will. Whatever be the choice we exercise we are not assured of the expected result. It appears we have absolutely no control over the result and everything seems to be predetermined.

Example: Irrespective of the choice we make on the selection of the queue, we end up coming out of the Airport at a predetermined time (either late or early) which does not correlate with our choice of action. May be the queue in which we stood moved faster but the luggage might have taken longer to arrive.

Thus, the choice we have had at the time of action appears to be an illusion if we look back. (That means there is really no Free will at all)

However, although the results do not appear to be correlated with our actions, we had predetermined the results through our actions in the past, which we do not remember. (Some of such actions could have been done by us in our previous births). This means there is really no God’s will at all!

Human beings perform actions. Such actions result in creating a set of preferences (our likes and dislikes) and a set of deferred good/bad results (all the results are not obtained immediately.)

Future actions are determined by the preferences. In addition, future results are influenced by the accumulated good/bad results of the past.

Since the set of preferences and the set of good/bad results are functioning from within us, it can be said that GOD is the motivating power, which controls us entirely.

Statement 75: Our will power plays a vital role in shaping our future.

Based on the above discussion on the Omniprevalent capability of GOD it appears that we are mere tools in the hands of the GOD, without any independent role to play in our life. This is true only for animals and inert objects. Human beings alone are endowed with the will power. This special design is also part of GOD’s creation in line with the fructifying past good results of the living being.

In the absence of the will power the life is totally out of control since what we do is controlled by our past actions. Will power enable us to break free from this eternal cycle?

Will power is the ability of our intelligence to control our mind.

The mind is swayed by the pull of our sense organs (which are under the influence of our preset preferences). Depending on the truth held by our intelligence it can control the mind to do or not to do something.

Example: Cigarette smoking is bad for health.

Everyone understands this statement. Only few who have will power could stop smoking. This will power comes only through knowledge. If one really understands the effect of smoking and the necessity of a healthy body, he will develop the required will power.

If one is not having enough will power, then it is required to do as much good deeds as possible. Such good actions will bring good company, which will help one to gain mental maturity to understand the required knowledge.

In addition, the spiritual practices like fasting help one to develop will power.

Once sufficient will power is gained one can start using it to change the future

Example: Regular physical exercise is necessary for good health.

Everyone knows it. Everyone wants to do it. However, it does not happen.

If the concept of ‘will power’ is absent then only who are fit will continue to exercise and those who require doing regular exercises will never start exercising.

In order to do any action we need the combination of GOD’s will and our free will. We cannot walk without GOD’s will but GOD does not decide which direction we walk or where we go.
Example: Plants will not sprout without rain. Rain is the generic cause and the seed is the specific cause. Seed determines what sort of plant comes out. However, seed alone cannot become a plant without the support of water.
Therefore, it can be said any action is the result of the generic cause (GOD’s will) and a specific cause (Our free will). In case of animals, there is no free will. Everything happens only due to GOD’s will. If we negate the use of freewill, we can be classified as animals in human form.

Breaking the eternal cycle using Will Power

Step 1: Gain required knowledge and conviction.
Casual reference of someone that exercise is good for health is not a sufficient motivator. One should be exposed to authoritative information and gain required conviction on the role of regular exercises in maintaining good health.

Step 2: Identify the appropriate preferences.
Once the conviction is gained one should explore the personal preferences with reference to the task involved. For example if one gets conviction of usefulness of the physical exercises then he should explore his personal preferences on the type of exercises, like whether he likes swimming (or hates it) or playing some games or go for a jogging with a close friend. One should select an option, which one likes.

Step 3: Use the will power and start the action
Initially it will be difficult to start and maintain any new activity. This is where the use of will power comes. Whether one likes or not if an action is done for a period of 14 days, it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit, there is no need to use further will power. Will power is required only to stop the habit! When one continues a habit for a sufficiently long period, it becomes a preference. Once it becomes preference, one will start liking the action.

Thus, the eternal cycle could be broken by using the will power. As seen will power is only a starting device. Once a particular wrong preference is avoided or a right preference is developed, the will power can be used for the next task.

Thus, a person should constantly improve in all spheres of life through the use of will power. Only such continuous improvement among the human beings, have made them as the dominating species in the world.

We need to use the relative ‘I’ (EGO) to know the absolute ‘I’ (Self). This can come only using free will. Once I know my Self, then I use my freewill freely knowing well the illusory nature of both EGO and GOD. At absolute level ONE or Self alone is the reality. At the relative level both EGO and GOD have relative freedom. GOD cannot create a world according to his own wish. He does it in line with the accumulated results of the action of the human beings. EGO does not have absolute freedom. He has to follow GOD’s rules. Old age and sickness are to be understood to be absolute rules in the relative reality. If one accepts these relative bondages, voluntarily, then they do not bother much. On the other hand if one is bent upon changing the rule (the environment, which is actually decided by the accumulated results of all the living beings) to get freedom, it is like chasing a mirage. One will never reach such destination.

Understanding the absolute ONE, one gets freedom from relative bondage. If one understands that the relative reality of the world and therefore the existence of relative bondage, one will gladly follow the rules. This is freedom from eternal cycle. Understanding can happen only through the use of will power.

Lesson 38: Enquiry on Omnipotent Vs Omniprevalent
Session: F74 – F75

GOD is said to be Omnipotent because he has complete control over everything.

GOD is said to be Omniprevalent because he is the motive power, which drives everything.

Together it means GOD resides in the entire universe and functions exercising its power of Omnipotence and Omniprevalent. It implies that GOD resides in our mind and using it as its medium it controls all our action.

Without using the medium (our body, mind and all the objects in the universe) GOD cannot do anything. GOD functions through all the living beings and the inert objects of the universe create all action. Just as a Prime Minister cannot do anything as an individual but as a Prime Minister, he has all the powers that are exercised through the government machinery, which includes other individuals. GOD using the entire universe as His physical body and using all the minds as His subtle body maintains and sustains this universe.

Example: The prime minister of the country selects various cabinet ministers and gives them powers to function. He has absolute control over the functioning of all the ministers. He is omnipotent in this respect.

The finance minister holds independent charge of finance portfolio. He has absolute power in preparing the budget. Although he prepares and presents the budget, he is doing it on behalf of the prime minister. The prime minister is the driving force behind all the expression of the power by the finance minister. The prime minister is omniprevalent in this respect.

The finance minister has a free will. He can appoint or dismiss a secretary. However, even this free will is given to him by the prime minister. Whatever one does as a finance minister are truly the actions of the prime minister. A finance minister cannot do anything, which does not stem from the power given by the prime minister.

Similarly, in the case of GOD, he is omnipotent and omniprevalent. It is like the prime minister himself holding the finance portfolio. When he presents the budget, the prime minister plays the role of finance minister.

The universe is nothing but GOD. It is governed by GOD. By being omniprevalent, he drives universe according to the orders given by the omnipotent god, just as the prime minister (playing the role of finance minister) presents the budget according to the power given by the prime minister.

Advantages of knowing GOD is Omnipotent and Omniprevalent

If the prime minister and finance minister are two different persons, there is a possibility that the will of the prime minister is not reflected in the budget since the finance minister could have had his own personal agenda.

However, in the case of GOD since he is both omnipotent and omniprevalent, there is no chance of any mistake. The same GOD functions from within us according to the orders given by Him. Therefore, everything that is being done is strictly according to his will and there is no possibility of any mistakes.

If we understand this truth, there are three major benefits
Benefit 1: Since even our free will is god’s will, whatever happens to us in our current life is perfectly in order. There is nothing to be worried about and there is no need to be anxious of the future.

Statement 76: No guilty feeling about the past and no anxiety of the future
Benefit 2: If both the controller and the controlled is GOD, we are very free. We do not have any attachment to anything. We are Ever Witnessing Joy who is always pure, free and eternal.

Statement 77: We do not have any responsibility to achieve anything in life.
Benefit 3: We do the work assigned to us by GOD willingly, as a puppet in the hands of GOD without any selfish desire.
Statement 78: We can do all our actions without any desire or attachment.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the capabilities of GOD fully.

GOD has created this world and have given free will only to human beings. We are free to use this free will absolutely according to our wish. Life is not possible either with exclusive GOD’s will or exclusive free will.

Example: The organizers at Wimbledon decide on the date, fixtures, rules of the game and even dress code. Players have no freewill to break any of these rules. A free will is given to the players by the organizers on how they play. Although they could say, ‘the player shall not use both the hands to play’, they do not say it since it will affect the quality of the game.

If every stroke of the player is controlled by the organizers, no one will come to play. If a player is allowed jump over the net and break the opponent’s leg, there will not be any game. Game is not possible with exclusive will of either the organizers or the players.

Thus, it is expected that we use our free will (which of course is granted by the GOD) in all our actions so that we excel in life as expected by GOD. (Wimbledon organizers want an interesting game, which is not possible if the players do not use of their freewill and expect the organizers to tell them what to do when the ball comes!)

Lesson 39: Enquiry on the oneness of Self
Session: F76

Just like we see few of the countless objects and infer the existence of the countless objects in the universe, we can perceive the single consciousness in us, which perceives everything, and infer the very same consciousness in every living being.

Example: There are many waves in the sea. Nevertheless, all the waves are just water, which is same as the sea.

Just like the multiple waves, there are multiple objects in the universe. Nevertheless, in essence all the waves are nothing but seawater. Similarly in essence all the objects in the universe are nothing but ONE. It is not necessary for us to wait for all the waves to subside to declare that they are one and the same water. While the waves are still raising and subsiding, we can perceive the oneness of the waves. Similarly, we can continue to perceive multiple objects and at the same time see the oneness behind all the objects.

While the multiple objects are perceived or experienced, it should be known or realized that there is only ONE behind all the objects.

The IS ness of the waves belong to the water. Waves are just names and forms.

Similarly the IS ness in all the objects in the universe is ONE. The objects are just names and forms.

The ONE behind each of the object is called Self.

Example: The pot itself cannot move.

In this sentence, the Self in the word ‘itself’ refers to the pot. This Self is identical to the ‘Self’ in each object in the world. The ultimate I in me is the Self, which is identical to the ‘Self’ in all.

We can see this by reducing the whole world as illusion. The remaining truth is Self.

Since there is no difference between one self compared to the other it is the same.

However, it is not very evident that the self in us is the same as the self in everyone. It can be inferred only through a serious thinking.

Example: While visiting South Africa, I saw a person whose face is familiar. Then I commented, “This man looks like my professor”. On enquiry I found out that, he was my professor.
Since it was not expected to see a known person in a strange place, we assume we see a different person. Nevertheless, on enquiry we can find out the truth.

Similarly, since it looks improbable that the very same self within us could exist inside the other person also, we tend to think there are two different selves. In the case of the professor, if we do not enquire we may never know that he is the same person. Like wise, if we do not enquire about the self we will continue to be ignorant.

How do we make the enquiry? In case of the professor, we ask for the name and other details. For some reason, that person gives false details. Unless we persist, we will not find the truth. Suppose we could establish through the finger print records and other such evidences that he is in fact the same person, we will believe the result of our enquiry ignoring the apparent contradictions (even if the concerned person himself denying the truth).

Thus in case of the self in others are presented to us under different name, body and mind, we tend to think that they are different. Nevertheless, we can logically infer that all of them are same.

Let us find out the true nature of our self through the process of negating what is not self. We are aware that our body is not self. It is also said that our mind is not our self. Can we imagine a self without mind? No, because any imagination is part of our mind. Any understanding falls within the scope of our intelligence, therefore it is not self. Any new feeling/ experience cannot be self. The one who is observing all these is the self.

Exercise: Sit in an erect position with relaxed body/ closed eyes. Start observing the thoughts. The thoughts might become fewer. At one stage, the mind will get engrossed in a particular thought and may not even know that it is thinking. At this stage, there will be no awareness of the body and mind. When suddenly you become aware that you are thinking, you can identify the awareness as the self.

This self is not limited by space, time and object.

Obviously, there cannot be more than one such self. Therefore, it is proved that there is only one Self in all of us. Moreover, it is the very same ONE.

Statement 79: All of us are one and we are the all ONE.

Lesson 40: Enquiry on reality of Self
Session: F77

Self is the only reality.

Everything that we experience in the world is impermanent. All inert objects were created at some point of time or other. Whatever came up in time will vanish after certain point of time. Our body came into existence when we are born and therefore it will wither away in due course of time. What arrives in time will depart in time. There is no exception to this.

This knowledge is not only available from the Holy Scriptures but also experienced by us directly. Every human being is aware that death is inevitable. They also know, by experience, the uncertainty of the world.

However, the experiencer does not change.

That is our pure consciousness. It has never arrived in time and therefore does not come under the category of birth-death. Since there is nothing other than pure consciousness, it has to be present all the time.

The definition of truth is that which is present at all three times, past, present and future. Nothing other than Self can come under this definition.

When we dream, there are many dream objects in the dream world. Suppose in the dream if a person tells us that we are actually dreaming and none of the objects seen in the dream are real. We cannot declare everything including the self (dreamer) is unreal. It is not possible to dream if the dreamer is not existing. Similarly, when we find out that everything that is perceived around us are part of an illusion, we need to infer that there is a truth on which the illusion is projected.

That truth, which is the only reality, is our self. Since this self is part less and attributeless, it cannot be differentiated from any other self. There is only one self in all and that is referred as ONE.

Then why do we have two words as Self and ONE? It is just like the pot space and the outside space. Actually there is only one indivisible space but due to our ignorance we talk about two different space. Similarly, there is only one ONE but due to our ignorance we assume that the ONE which is functioning through us as Self is different. For ultimately arriving at the truth we accept the apparent distinction but at the end we say ONE = Self. It is like a mathematical equation.

There is no need to say 8 = 8 since they are apparently equal. We cannot say 8=9 since they are not equal. We can only say 9-1 = 5+3. Although apparently all the numbers are different we write the numbers in two different sides and put the = sign in-between to indicate their equality. Similarly, You Are That, although from perception you are different from God, in essence both sides equal to ONE.