Panchadasi Lessons

Lesson 2: Introduction to Levels of Intelligence
Session: E02

Statement 01: Comprehension depends on levels of intelligence

The level of intelligence determines the ability of men to comprehend the complexities of the creation. In the beginning, he observes that the sun is traveling across the sky but do not ask any question about it. As his level of intelligence increases, he starts asking questions about what he observes.

This is true, with respect to all branches of knowledge. The complexity of any subject, including how to live life happily, requires high degree of intelligence to comprehend the truth.

Example: Why a ship floats but a nail sinks? The answer to this question could be comprehended, depending on the level of intelligence.

If the level of intelligence is low, even the question cannot be comprehended.

Statement 02: Levels of intelligence varies

The level of intelligence is not uniform among all the human beings. Only the more intelligent among them question whether it is the sun revolving around the earth or is it the other way around. When they discover the truth, the rest of the humanity may not be able to understand or appreciate the truth. Depending on the level of intelligence, some will believe sun is a god, some will comprehend the truth and the rest will continue to be ignorant.

Statement 03: Variation in intelligence level starts from birth

Such variation in the levels of intelligence commences from birth. At all stages of life, these variations continue to grow.

Statement 04: Intelligence is a function of learning

The only way to gain intelligence is through learning. There is no other way. A person who is more intelligent will be able to learn at a faster pace than the one with lesser intelligent. Therefore, the differences in the levels of intelligence at birth can only widen.

Statement 05: Learning happens in many births

Whatever one learns in a lifetime becomes the part of the mind as intelligence. Such intelligence is carried over to the next birth. This fact explains the reason for differences in the levels of intelligence among newborn babies.

Statement 06: Current variation in intelligence level is the result of accumulated learning in the innumerable previous births.

If one person is much more intelligent than other, it only means that the person with higher level of intelligence has learnt lot more than the other person in the innumerable previous births.

It does not reflect the variation in the environment or opportunities between the two. It is not possible to make any significant changes in the level of intelligence by changing the environment or by providing ‘better’ opportunities.

Statement 07: It is not possible to increase the level of intelligence significantly within one lifetime.

The number of previous births one had is innumerable. It is not limited to the time and space of the known universe. In each birth, we gain intelligence through learning. Therefore, the quantum of accumulated intelligence is very high compared to what can be acquired in the current lifetime.

Therefore, it can be assumed that the level of intelligence does not significantly change.

Statement 08: Preferences guide the application of intelligence.

Each individual is born with a set of preferences that are gained through past actions. These preferences guide the individual to a particular path in life by dictating his likes and dislikes.

Therefore, even if an individual has the required level of intelligence to reach the ultimate goal of life, he may spend time in chasing a mirage.

Example: Even the most intelligent people cannot solve a simple puzzle if one of the pieces is kept by them in the wrong place.

Due to ignorance, people think science and technology will get the answers to the Eternal Questions. Therefore, their effort is wasted in the wrong directions.

Lesson 3: Eternal Questions
Session: E03 – E04

Statement 09: One of the eternal questions is “Who is God?”

There are many eternal questions like “Who is God?” They are called ‘Eternal questions’ because majority of the people will be searching for the answers to these questions, eternally. For most people, the answers to these questions will remain out of their reach.

The ultimate challenge to human intelligence is to find the answers for the eternal questions about God, Universe and Life. There is only one correct answer for these questions. However, each one of us understands the same according to our level of intelligence. A sample list of such questions is given below:

God: Is there God?
Is there Satan or an Evil force?
Who are the messengers of God?
What is Holy Scriptures? Are they really given by God?

Universe: When the universe was created?
Who created it?
How it is created?
Why it is created?
What lies outside the boundaries of the known universe?
Is there a single universe or more than one?
How long it will exist?
Who set the laws that govern the cosmic bodies?

Living Being: How did the life evolved in the first place?
What happens after death?
Since the population is on the increase from where new living beings are created?
Is there rebirth/ reincarnation?
Are there ghosts?

The list of such questions could be endless. Many know the correct and only answers to all such questions. The answers are absolute truth and not just the opinion, view, theory or philosophy. Comprehension of the answers to these questions will depend on the level of intelligence.

Statement 10: Many know the correct and only answers to Eternal Questions.
Eternal Questions are called as such not because that the answers to such questions are not available. Answers are available but people understand them at different level. Moreover, people keep asking these questions until they come to know the ultimate truth.

Statement 11: Answers to the Eternal Questions vary according to the level of intelligence.
We should not deny the existence of higher level of intelligence. When we could see that there are many human beings whose intelligence level is much lower than ours is, it is quite probable that there are some human beings whose intelligence is at a higher level than ours is.

From the time immemorial, there were differences in the level of intelligence among human beings. The most intelligent among them have figured out the answer to all these questions 1000s of years back. However, the rest of the humanity was (is) not ready to comprehend the truth. So the truth is conveyed by them in different ways so that each human being can comprehend the truth according to his level of intelligence.

Statement 12: Holy Scriptures reveal the answers to the Eternal Questions.

These truths are contained in Holy Scriptures that forms the center core for various religions across the world. While all the Holy Scriptures/ Religions talk about one single truth, they appear to differ because there are differences in the level of intelligence among the followers.

As the level of the intelligence grows, the ultimate truth can be comprehended by all irrespective of the religious background. The same set of Holy Scriptures prescribes the paths to be followed in order to reach that highest level of intelligence that is required to comprehend the highest truth.

Statement 13: All the religions reveal the same truth.

The highest truth as revealed in four of the major Holy Scriptures in the world is given below:

Hinduism: You Are That.
Buddhism: Be a light to yourself
Islam: There is nothing but god.
Christianity: The kingdom of heaven lies within you./ The truth sets you free.

Statement 14: The apparent differences between religions are due to the differences in the intelligence level of people.

The true meaning of these four sayings can be comprehended only according to the level of intelligence of the listener. Therefore everyone will understand these sayings differently. Many will not even acknowledge that these are the central teaching of the respective religion. They might proclaim that their understanding is the absolute truth, which are different from the above.

Statement 15: The Holy Scriptures of all the religions are meant for guiding human beings belonging to all the varied levels of intelligence.

Holy Scriptures guides all the human beings appropriately considering their level of intelligence.
Example: A doctor gives medicine to all depending on the nature of illness. Medicine may differ depending on the illness. However, the objective of giving medicine remains same.

In order to prescribe the correct path to the ultimate truth it is necessary to identify the common goal/ objective that makes sense to everyone.

Lesson 4: Practical – To identify the right answers
Session: E05 – E06

It is possible for everyone in the world to reach the absolute single truth eventually since the intelligence is growing all the time. Even those who hold a lower level of truth will progress to the higher level since with or without the conscious effort, the mental maturity happens. Just like a teenager changing his priorities in life on reaching the middle age, the person holding a lower level of truth will progress to the higher level eventually after many births.

In the meanwhile, there might be confusion when different people say different things. It can be resolved in the manner suggested in the following example.

Suppose A and B give two different interpretation of the truth, how will C figure out which one is correct?

It should be remembered that there is nothing called ‘wrong answer’. Everyone has a right answer according to his level of understanding.

Example: A is saying that there is rebirth.
B is saying that there is no rebirth.
C wants to know whom to believe.

The person at the higher level will be able to accept and appreciate the person at the lower level. Therefore, it is easy to figure out who has the higher level of truth.

If A and B are debating in front of C then all three of them are at the same level of intelligence. (It is like the blind people figuring out the truth of the elephant).

If A and B agree that C can choose whichever answer he wants as the correct answer – after listening to the explanation from both – then both A and B are at the highest level of intelligence. (This is so because what C can comprehend is limited by his current level of intelligence)

If one says that the other is wrong then he is at a lower level.

If one says that the other is also right then he is at a higher level

Factors that identify a person who holds the highest truth:
1. At all times, he will find nothing wrong with the world as it is.
2. He will have perfect and logical explanation for all events in the world.
3. He will understand and appreciate the behavior of every human being.
4. He will never attribute anything to chance or accident (which is another way of saying ‘I do not know’). In other words he knows everything.
5. He will not change his views/ opinion even if the whole world says that he is wrong. He can logically and scientifically prove his views/ opinions (to those who are qualified to understand the truth)
6. He might say different things at different time because he needs to say things according to the maturity level of the listener.
7. He will not depend on any one/ any object/ any event to live a joyful living and will live in perfect happiness/ complete security and ever peaceful all the time.
8. Since he does not need anything from the world, his actions will not be tainted with desire for fulfillment.
9. He has seen the God and will respect and love the entire creation.
10. He will willingly teach his knowledge only to those who seek.

Lesson 5: Human pursuits
Session: E07 – E08

If we analyze the following three basic goals of all the living beings, it will be clear that the ONLY purpose in life is to gain more intelligence.

Statement 16: All living beings want to be immortal.

Every living being wants to exist forever and none is willing to die. To achieve the goal of immortality all living beings strive to keep fit (seeking food etc) and protect oneself from the dangers in the environment. Disease and ageing seem to pull us away from immortality. (However, attempts are being made to reduce the impact). The need to reproduce seems to be a poor substitute (to immortality) since as of now mortality appears to be unavoidable.

Statement 17: All living beings want to be happy all the time.

Every living being wants to be happy all the time. All of them want to avoid physical/ mental sufferings at any cost. Given a choice, a dog will sit under a shade and not under the hot sun. Thus, all the living beings will seek sense pleasures (Good food/ environment/ companionship/ entertainment/ comforts) and freedom. They are willing to exert their body/mind complex and do whatever is possible within their capability to live joyfully forever

Statement 18: All living beings want to become more intelligent

Every living being wants to excel all the time. The principle of survival of the fittest is derived from the inertia of the living beings to excel and not to be contended with whatever they have.

It is apparent that the level of achievement of the first two goals is limited by the achievement of the third goal.

For example,

Average life span is increasing with the growth in medical sciences.

Intelligence has brought the cave man in to concrete cities giving incomparable protection and comforts.

Statement 19: Progressing to higher order of intelligence is the only purpose.

Since Immortality and Eternal Happiness is possible only thorough gaining higher level of intelligence, we can state increasing the intelligence as the only purpose. By constantly increasing their capability (To be more intelligent), all human beings consciously or unconsciously are progressing towards achieving the first two goals (Immortality and Joyful Living).

Unit 02
Classification of living beings
Number of Sessions 9
(10 to 18)
Number of Lessons 8
(06 to 13)

On completion of this Unit, the student will be able to
(j) State the six different levels of living beings
(k) Understand the process in which evolution happens from Level 1 to Level 5
(l) See why the anomalies in the world cannot be wiped out.

Notes to the teacher: (Ref 1.3 to 1.9 of the original text)

It is generally believed that it is possible to bring about an utopia where the whole world will live in a harmony without any social evils like war, huger etc. It should be emphasized that this will never be the case.

It should be explained that the environment and opportunities in life play a very limited role in the growth of Intelligence.

It should be explained the economic prosperity is not directly related to the level of Intelligence.

Unit Test:
Session E18
23. What is the need of classifying people according to the level of intelligence? (Lesson 6)
24. List the names of the profiles from Intelligence Level 1 to 5 (Lesson 6)
25. How do YOU know that you may not be holding the highest level of truth?
26. Why there are multiple versions of truth? (Lesson 7)
27. Discuss the general profile, composition, goals and actions of people belonging to Level 1 to 5.
28. Is it possible for someone to move from Level 1 to 5 in one life time?
29. Why it is people in Level 1 and Level 5 do not have any goals in life?

Lesson 6: Basis of the classification
Session: E10

Statement 20: All living beings are classified into SIX groups based on the level of intelligence.

We can classify all the living beings into the following six groups based on their level of intelligence. The purpose of this analysis is to figure out which group each one of us belongs and to identify the path of our growth.

It should be noted that even without this classification we will continue to progress. A fourth grade student will perform well and move on to fifth grade even if he does not know how many more grades he has to complete before leaving the school. However, it helps to know the destination and the length of the path while one is traveling.

Just like a school, the world could be divided into various grades based on the various levels of intelligence. The purpose of such classification is not to discriminate against any specific group. On the other hand, the purpose is to ensure that everyone is provided with appropriate guidance to progress to the next level.

Statement 21: The purpose of classification is to offer help to everyone for progressing in life.

Because every living being has an inherent urge to progress, it is not necessary for some one to teach them that they need to progress. Everyone will progress automatically without any prompting.

However, it will be easier if some help is offered. Help will be effective only if it is appropriate to their current level of intelligence.

This is the purpose of classification.

Example: A group of people is walking. If someone trips on a stone and falls, it is the duty of the fellow walkers to help him to get back. It is also essential to remove the stone from the path so that the followers do not trip and fall.

Similarly, those who march ahead must facilitate the progress of those who are following.

Statement 22: People with higher-level of intelligence should help others.

Higher the level more responsible one should be.

Example: A twelve year old will not make fun of a 4 year old for not being able to multiple 3 with 4. Everyone will have to pass through all the previous levels before reaching the current level. Moreover, everyone will ultimately reach the highest level.

Thus, the classification is done to know one’s current position for facilitating progress.

Statement 23: People with lower level of intelligence may not acknowledge the presence of people with higher level of intelligence.

It should also be noted that the people at the lower level might not be able to comprehend the growth and status of those who are ahead. Nevertheless, they will grow some day (Either in this birth or in some future birth).

Example: A twelve-year-old talks about ‘square root’. A 4 year old does not comprehend it. It is essential for the 4 year old to recognize and respect that the twelve year old is far ahead and not to ridicule him by denying that there is no such concept called ‘square root’.

Unfortunately, in life most people do not accept this truth. They believe if they cannot comprehend something then it cannot be the truth. Although it causes no harm to the people ahead, it creates unwarranted friction. Denial of knowledge seems to be an easy way out instead of trying to move up the level. Ofcourse teenagers generally belong to this type and revolt against the elders. Fortunately, they grow up.

We shall now see the general profile of each of the six groups, which covers all the living beings.

Group 1 Intelligence Level 0 No Individuality
Group 2 Intelligence Level 1 No Dependence
Group 3 Intelligence Level 2 World Dependence
Group 4 Intelligence Level 3 God Dependence
Group 5 Intelligence Level 4 Self Dependence
Group 6 Intelligence Level 5 Independence

Lesson 7: Multiple versions of the truth
Session: E11

Statement 24: The truth cannot be determined democratically.

If there are different views and opinions it is generally felt that the issue has to be resolved through democracy. This is not the right way to determine the truth. Infact by definition the highest truth cannot have majority support.
Example: The number of primary school children will always be much more than the number of postgraduate students. We do not and should not decide the right answer to a science or math problem based on the number of students supporting it.

Similarly, in any society the number of ignorant people will always exceed the number of most intelligent people. We do not and should not validate any scientific invention based on the support it receives from the general population.
The truth cannot and should not be determined based on majority view.

Since the highest truth cannot be comprehended by all, it is essential to dilute it to the level of the audience. This has lead to the current situation that there are multiple and often contradicting answers to the questions on God, Universe and Life. Although the most intelligent among the human beings have understood the ultimate truth 1000s of years back, each one of them tried to convey the truth in a way that is understandable to their disciples.

Statement 25: Since the level of intelligence determines the comprehension of the truth, only few in the world can comprehend it.

The number of people with less intelligence is much more than the people with high intelligence. Moreover, not all the highly intelligent people are searching for the solutions in the right direction. Therefore, only few in the world hold the highest truth.
Statement 26: The reason for the existence of multiple versions of truth is due to the varying degree of intelligence among the followers.

The life and teaching of Buddha is well documented. Inspite of it Buddhism was split into many sects soon after the death of Buddha. This is because when Buddha was alive he gave different answers to different people (depending on their level of intelligence) which are documented without any reference to the context. After his death when the records containing such contradictory answers are interpreted by the followers, multiple versions of the truth got ‘authentic’ support.

Even if Buddha were to be alive today, he will permit the contradicting views of the truth to survive because people are at different level of intelligence and it is essential that they comprehend the truth according to their level in order to progress to the next level.

Example: Which light illumines the earth during the night? Sun or Moon? The person who says Sun could be an idiot or a very intelligent person. The popular answer may be moon, but the correct answer is Sun. However, it will be difficult to expect everyone to give the answer as Sun. Therefore, we need to accept the answer as Moon and then try to explain that the moon does not have its own light etc, depending on the level of intelligence of the person.

Thus, the wise understand that the truth is understood in different ways. Others stick on to their narrow vision of truth and fight among themselves in the name of the religion or god.

Lesson 8: Intelligence Level 0: No individuality
Session: E12

It is important to understand the qualities of non-human beings like animals in order to appreciate the position of the human beings.

Statement 27: All the living beings other than human beings are in this level.

Statement 28: The unique feature is absence of doership.

The concept of ego (sense of “I”) has not grown beyond ‘I am the enjoyer’ and do not extend to “I am the doer”. Animals do not have a sense of doer ship. They do not have a choice to do or not to do an action. They do not have will power.

Statement 29: Animals are instinct driven and not intelligent driven.

Composition: All the senses (1 to 5) are under the control of Mind
Mind is driven by instinct

There are no significant personal preferences shown by the individual members of this group.

Although all of them want to achieve all the three basic goals (Immortality, Joyful Living and to gain more skill/intelligence) they have no choices on action. They are guided by their instincts.

Example: Giraffe has developed a long neck purely guided by their instincts and not by any intelligent plan.

There are no perceived purposes of life. There are actions, which are instinct driven and make the individual to progress towards achieving the three basic goals of life.

There is no sense of doer ship. There are no right actions or wrong actions since there is no willing/ choice. Therefore there are no unseen benefits/ sufferings will be accumulated as the result the actions.

Growth in the intelligence is determined as the species as a whole. Mating rights are given only to those who do well in life. This facilitates the growth of the species as a whole, which is called evolution. Those who do not adapt to the environment get extinct.

In order to move up to next level there is nothing to be done since they do not have choice in action. When the good actions done in the previous human births fructify, they will be born as human beings. This is the only way any member of this group can ever move up to Level 1.

Lesson 9: Intelligence Level 1: No dependence
Session: E13

Statement 30: Human beings with the least level of intelligence are in this level

The EGO (individuality) that ‘I am the doer’ sense is the entry requirement to this level. Only human beings can enter into this level. Although few species of animals like elephants and dolphins show some sign of self-awareness, their ego is not fully grown to the level of human beings.

Statement 31: The unique feature is the presence of Self-Consciousness

Although everyone in this level will be self-conscious, most will not have individual ambition in life.

Composition: All the five senses are under the control of Mind
Mind is controlled by Intelligence
Intelligence is employed to meet the demands of the sense pleasures and for day-to-day survival.
Initial sign of will power is seen.

Statement 32: Presence of Personal Preference among human beings

He starts accumulating likes and dislikes through repeated actions. He prefers certain food to others. He starts preferring specific set of people to be his companions and try to avoid another set. He develops specific habits.

Statement 33: There are no specific goals in life

Just live the life as it comes. The individual functions as the part of the group and will not have purpose of life that is separate from that of the group.

Although all of them want to achieve all the three basic goals (Immortality, Joyful Living and to gain more skill/intelligence) they do not use their ability to will/ act effectively to achieve these goals.

All actions form part of group behavior. Although the individual ego exists it normally sub serves the group interests. However, since he has the capacity to will and have choice of action, he starts accumulating the fruits of his action. Good actions and bad actions will bring about corresponding benefits/ sufferings either seen/unseen.

He does specific duties assigned to him by the group and it sets his personal preferences. For example, if the group has allocated the task of climbing the trees to get the fruits, he starts accumulating the skills and knowledge relating to climbing the tree. He may become the fastest tree climber. He will know the right technique to maximize the yield from a tree. All the skill and knowledge is gained incidentally through repetitive work without any specific desire.

Many native tribes who are still living away from civilization belong to this class. They are much superior to the Level 0. They have a fully developed ego. They know that they have choices to make and exercise their options to progress. Nevertheless, they cannot comprehend a question “what is your objective in life”. Although they do work for survival, they do not connect both.

Even among the modern civilization there are few individuals who do not do any work belong to this level. If they are educated, they will be able to articulate the objective of life as follows “The objective of life is to enjoy. I am happy with whatever I have. I do not work because there is no other purpose in life other than enjoying.”

Inspite of this attitude it is impossible not to do any actions. Whatever actions they do, three things happen
One: They accumulate good/bad results of their action
Two: They accumulate knowledge/skill
Three: The personal preferences are shaped.

A stage will come when the personal preferences will make an individual a distinct/ strong personality standing out from the group with a specific goal of increasing the personal wealth. That is the time to move on to the next level.

Statement 34: Any sign of aspiration in life signifies the readiness of a person to move up to the next level.

Aspiration (Not to be satisfied with the basic needs of life but to work for MORE of everything), the desire to own and possess personal assets, desire to learn, desire to become more capable and working harder are the other features which signal the growth of intelligence.

As and when the individual starts to work with an intention of accumulating personal wealth he moves on to the next level.

Suppose he dies before moving on to the next level he is born again in the same level with the entire package of
1. Accumulated results of good/ bad actions
2. Accumulated knowledge and skill (Intelligence)
3. Accumulated Personal Preferences (His personality)

Until he gets the required qualifications, he will continue to be in the same level.

Lesson 10: Intelligence Level 2 – World dependence
Session: E14

Statement 35: Those who have personal assets belong to this level.

Statement 36: The unique feature of this level is the effort to convert the luxuries into necessities of life continuously.

They will continue to learn and work to increase their knowledge and skill levels for increasing their personal wealth.

An individual will start comparing his status with everyone around. What is required for him is no longer measured in absolute terms. His requirements will become relative to the possessions of the people around him. He will not be satisfied until he has the best of every thing.

Composition: All the five senses are under the control of Mind
Mind is controlled by Intelligence
Intelligence is employed to meet the mental satisfaction and the sense pleasures
A very strong will power

His personal preferences brought from the previous level, are strengthened. With his increased level of intelligence, he is now more capable to meet the demands of the sense organs. As a result, his preferences will become finer.

His environment/ culture/ society have an impact on his actions. He does what is ‘respectable’. More such actions make his personality stronger and more vibrant.

In addition, he develops new skills that are not directly related to his profession, like music, art and such.

Statement 37: The primary goal in life is prosperity.

Prosperity includes gaining more Name/ Fame/ Wealth/ Prosperity/ Property/ Position/ Power/ People (Relatives and Friends) / Money/ Awards / Rewards

Getting mental satisfaction and fulfillment of sensory pleasures are considered as incidental benefits of achieving the primary goal.

Each individual develops a core competency so that the progress towards the primary goal is faster.

Although all of them want to achieve all the three basic goals (Immortality, Joyful Living and to gain more skill/intelligence) they are under the impression that their primary goal (More money etc) in life will increase their ability to achieve these three basic goals.

Statement 38: Actions are done for increasing the intelligence.

They work to increase their intelligence to meet the primary goal of life in the highly competitive world. They continuously plan to use the available time and other resources effectively, trying to maximize the return on investment.

The individual will start accumulating personal wealth for the sustenance and growth of his individual self and the family. Even the family is seen as the personal possession.

Statement 39: The knowledge that material prosperity will never take them to their primary goal is the sign of moving on to the next level.

When people recognize the existence of God, and to realize that the individual achievements are insignificant compared to the god’s creation, they will be ready to progress to the next level.

In this level in order to compete in the world one would have worked very hard. As a result, he would have achieved a very high order of intelligence. (It takes quite a lot of work to achieve this). With this superior intelligence, one will be able to see that he was chasing a mirage all along.

The moment one realizes that Immortality and Joyful Living will not come about by amassing material wealth, he moves to the next level.

Suppose he dies before moving on to the next level, he is born again in the same level with the entire package of
1. Accumulated results of good/ bad actions
2. Accumulated knowledge and skill (Intelligence)
3. Accumulated Personal Preferences (His personality)

Until he gets the required qualifications, he will continue to be in the same level.

Lesson 11: Intelligence Level 3 – God dependence
Session: E15

Statement 40: Those who realize the futility of the prosperity will enter this level.

Those who have completed the first two levels will enter this level in one of the following two ways.

One: After undergoing a traumatic experience like an accident / serious sickness or death of a close associate. As a person is progressing through the previous level, he normally tends to think that the material progress will solve all the problems of the world and lead one to live joyfully. When this myth is broken by such rude shock, he will move up to this level.

Two: Through reflection and contemplation on the life. Whenever, people get an opportunity to review their progress in life and compare it with the history of mankind, they will see that they are on the wrong path.

Statement 41: The unique feature of this level is service-oriented mind.

Service to god and to the society is recognized to be of more importance than accumulating personal wealth.

Composition: All the five senses are under the control of Mind
Mind is controlled by Intelligence
Intelligence is looking for guidance from God/ Elders.
Individual will power subdued to god’s will

His personal preferences, brought from the previous level, are modified considerably. With his increased level of intelligence, he is capable of correcting his mistakes of running behind the material progress.

His personality will change drastically since his actions will now be oriented towards god rather than world. Preference for sensory pleasures will become lesser.

Statement 42: The primary goal in life will be to serve the God/ society.

Fulfillment of sense pleasures no longer the primary objective. They will turn their attention to serve the poor, the society and the god.

The need to achieve all the three basic goals (Immortality, Joyful Living and to gain more skill/intelligence) continues. Nevertheless, they are now clear it is not possible to achieve these goals by self-effort alone. They will know that divine grace is essential which can come only when they do work for the sake of work and by serving god through serving others.

An unseen goal of this level is purification of mind. Unless the mind is purified, it cannot receive the highest knowledge. The primary goal of doing service is the only way to achieve this unstated but real goal in this level.

They do continue to work and compete in the world just like the previous level. However, their focus is no longer material progress but spiritual progress. They realize that vision means the ability to see the invisible.

When they do work for the sake of work and without any attachment to the results many good things happen.

Their intelligence grows manifold since it is no longer constrained by the result.

Their mind becomes capable of seeing the unseen

Accumulation of more unseen positive results

Thus, his actions prepare him to move up to the next level.

Statement 43: The ability to work for the sake of work is the sign to move on to the next level.

Other requirements to move up to the next level are:

Dedication / Devotion in the chosen profession
Increased ability to withstand the ups and downs of the life
Ability to discriminate the truth from false
Deep desire to know god

A firm conviction that the material progress will not bring about the ultimate goals (Immortality and Joyful Living) of life

As and when he is ready to enquire the true nature of god, he will meet up with a competent teacher. This is one of the sign of moving up to the next level.

Suppose he dies before moving on to the next level, he is born again in the same level with the entire package of
1. Accumulated results of good/ bad actions
2. Accumulated knowledge and skill (Intelligence)
3. Accumulated Personal Preferences (His personality)

Until he gets the required qualifications, he will continue to be in the same level.

Lesson 12: Intelligence Level 4 – Self-dependence
Session: E16

Statement 44: Those who seriously seek the answer to the question “Who is God?” belongs to this level.

When someone starts a serious enquiry on the question “Who is god” or “Who am I”, he will enter this level. In order to enter this level the human being must have completed all the previous levels successfully.

Statement 45: The unique feature of this level is the faith in Holy Scripture.

Knowledge that Holy Scriptures alone holds the key to Joyful Living, which can be obtained only through the grace of a compassionate and competent teacher.

Composition: All the five senses are under the control of Mind
Mind is controlled by Intelligence
Intelligence is guided by Holy Scripture/ teacher
Strong will power combined with wisdom.

Statement 46: The primary goal in life will be to understand the essence of the Holy Scriptures.

He will start learning Holy Scriptures under the guidance of a teacher.

For the first time all the three basic goals (Immortality, Joyful Living and to gain more skill/intelligence) seem to be completely attainable. Therefore, the desire to reach the destination will increase day by day.

All the actions are motivated by the single desire to know god.

Start reading the Holy Scriptures systematically under the guidance of a competent teacher.

Reflect on the truth contained in the Holy Scripture until all the mind is devoid of any doubts on the validity of the teaching.

Removal of wrong knowledge and application of the right knowledge in all the dealings in the day-to-day life

Statement 47: Absorption of the ultimate knowledge is the sign to move up to the next level.

Once the knowledge is gained, one should learn to live by the highest knowledge. It is a very difficult task. Since he is all along lived with lower level of knowledge, it will be difficult for him to be steady on the right knowledge all the time, while dealing with the world.

For this purpose, he needs to meditation on the right knowledge. This meditation is different from conventional meditation. It is a moment-to-moment living meditation, which needs to be done during the entire waking period until it becomes natural. Once this is done, mere living is meditation.

This is the final level in the world school. Once this is completed, one has reached all the goals in life.

Lesson 13: Intelligence Level 5 – Independence
Session: E17

This level is equal to entering the work life after completing all possible education. In other words, there is nothing more to learn after reaching this level. In order to enter this level the human being must have completed all the previous levels successfully.

Statement 48: The unique feature of this level is Joyful Living.

Composition: All the five senses are under the control of Mind
Mind is controlled by Intelligence
Intelligence is guided by society’s welfare
Individual will power subdued to cosmic will.

Statement 49: There are no goals in this level.

The end goal is already reached. There is nothing more to be done.

Actions are influenced by the personal preferences. There will not be any action, which is of selfish nature.

There may be one desire. To help others know the secret of Joyful Living.

Absence of such desire is also totally acceptable. A person in this level is not bound to do any action.

Conclusion The entire journey from the first level to this level has to be performed for just meeting ONE goal of life: To gain enough intelligence so that we understand that we are immortal and joyful by nature.

Statement 50: All the actions are done out of fulfillment and not for fulfillment

Unit 03
Activity Based Learning
Number of Sessions 10
(19 to 28)
Number of Lessons 5
(14 to 18)

On completion of this Unit, the student will be able to
(i) Define how learning happens in the world
(j) Define Activity and differentiate between good and bad actions

Notes to the teacher:

The linier relationship between the good actions and the prosperity should be explained. This should replace the popular wrong view that the hard work will get success.

Unit Test:
Session E28
18. Define an activity (Lesson 14)
19. What are the four types of activities? (Lesson 15)
20. How do people gain intelligence? (Lesson 15)
21. What are good and bad actions? (Lesson 15)
22. List the types of results that might arise because of performing the actions.
23. What is the difference between direct and indirect results? (Lesson 16)
24. What is the difference between seen and unseen results? (Lesson 16)
25. What is the proof that the unseen results are there?
26. What are the drivers of good action? (Lesson 17)
27. How the progress is linked to activities? (Lesson 18)

Lesson 14: Action and Activities in life
Session: E19 – E20

Statement 51: Activity Based Learning is the focus of the Holy Scriptures

Every religion in the world has their own version of Holy Scripture, just as different schools in the world have their own version of the curriculum. However, the ultimate objective of all the religions/ Holy Scriptures is to ensure the progress of the human beings from the current level to the next higher level.

The curriculum in a school guides the overall development of the student. Similarly, the Holy Scriptures forms the curriculum in the world school. It guides the growth of intelligence in each level so that the human beings move up until they reach the final level.

Learning in the school of world happens through activities and it can be termed as “Activity Based Learning”.

In a school environment, the conventional teaching (theory classes) by the teacher is supported by various activities (experiments in labs). These activities aid the students to learn more effectively.

In the case of life, the learning is mostly activity based (varied experiences) and the conventional teaching is comparatively very less.

The ONLY purpose of all the human beings in the world is to gain more intelligence. The ONLY way of gaining more intelligence is to perform activities. In addition, the Holy Scriptures guides the human beings in doing the activities according to the prescribed plan that is designed to ensure maximum learning.

Statement 52: Activity means any action that is done intentionally.

Action includes any of the following done intentionally.
Reading/ Writing
Speaking/ Listening/ Talking
Doing any physical action

And intentionally abstaining from not doing any of the above action

Involuntary actions are not included in the definition of ‘action’. Following are not considered as action: Sleeping, dreaming, sneezing and coughing

Statement 53: Human beings are bound to do action.

It is not possible for any human being to exist without doing action since all are bound to the Eternal Cycle of Action – Result – Imprints – Desires – Action.

Lesson 15: Classification of Activities
Session: E21 – E22

Statement 54: Activities are classified as Professional, Service, Personal and Social Activities.

Professional activities are those, which are done for the sake of earning money, name, fame, people, power, position, prosperity, property, wealth, status, rewards and awards and include all the salaried jobs, commercial activities, sports, arts and science.

Service activities include social service, community work, donation/ gifts to a good cause, environment protection and animal welfare activities.

Personal activities include eating, taking bath, work out in a gym, reading, studying, watching television, playing solitaire etc.

Social Activities include partying, going out to movie with others, gossiping with friends, visiting a relative, playing games that involve more than one person etc.

Statement 55: Activities can be good, bad, or neutral.

Good Actions are those actions that results in measurable benefit to others and will include the following.
Kindness to all the living beings
Respect to the nature including all inanimate objects
Showing due respect to elders in the society, Hospitable to all guests
Helping tendency to neighbors, colleagues and to all the human beings
Feeding the poor, Providing shelter and clothing to the needy
Helping the students to pursue their education
Cleanliness and Purity in all actions
Thoughtful consideration of all beings and things
Kindness, friendliness and compassion to all living beings
Reading and understanding the Holy Scriptures
(In short how an individual expects others to behave are called Good Actions)

Bad Actions are those actions that harm or hurt others and include the following:
Stealing and misappropriation
Violence and Killing
Harming others through lying and untruthfulness
Violating the private space of others
Amassing wealth and to be greedy, cheating, exploiting others
Not respecting the elders in the society
(In short how an individual expects others not to behave are called Bad Actions)

Neutral actions are those which do not affect other living beings either way.

Lesson 16: Result of Action
Session: E23 – E25

Statement 56: The results can be direct/ indirect/ visible/ invisible

Direct-Visible results are those results, which come directly from the activity and it is seen clearly.

Activities Results
Professional: Salary, professional fee, profit/loss,
Service: Achievement of the service objective
Personal: Grades in the exam, Fit body, relaxed mind
Social: Relationship/ friendship, family bonding

These results are called as DIRECT because they arise directly from the specified activities.

These results are called as VISIBLE because they arise soon after the performance of the specified activities.

The quantum of the result depends on how well the activities are done. An activity that is well done will definitely bring about corresponding good results. In addition, as a corollary, poor result can be directly attributable to poor performance.

Direct-Invisible results are those results, which come directly from the activity depending on whether the activity is good or bad. Good Actions will bring benefit and the Bad Actions will bring suffering.

There is a slight complication here. Although such result accrues directly from doing good/ bad actions, they are not always immediate. There is no water tight pairing between the Activity-Result. Therefore, such results are not seen as accruing from the activities performed.

Since a rationale mind is not able to correlate the activities with such results, they are termed as invisible results. Nevertheless, the fact is such results are due to the activities done in the past.
Activities Results
Professional: Promotion, Oscar Award, Huge profit/ loss
Service: Hurdles to the service/ unsolicited support
Social: Pleasant surprises/ unwarranted misunderstanding

Note: There is no example given for Personal Activities since they are generally done without the involvement of others and therefore are neutral in nature.
These results are called as DIRECT because they arise directly from the past activities. (Past activities include the activities done in the countless previous births)

These results are called as INVISIBLE because they are cumulative in nature and cannot be linked to any specified activity.

Although Good Actions and Bad Actions will bring about corresponding blessings and sufferings in just measure it is not amenable to scientific calculations since we do not have information on how much of the result obtained is out of accumulation and how much is deferred.

Indirect-Visible result is the increase in the intelligence.

How well an activity is done determines the growth in the intelligence level. Practice leads to perfection. If an activity is done half-heartedly, the growth in the level of intelligence will be marginal. The more involvement will enable faster growth in the level of intelligence.

This result is called INDIRECT because it comes as a by-product of the activity.
This result is called VISIBLE because everyone can perceive the growth in the skill, capability and the knowledge level because of doing the activities.

One of the basic goals of human beings is to gain more intelligence. This is being achieved as an indirect benefit of performing the various activities.

Indirect-Invisible result comprises of two kinds of results

One is the sense on inadequacy and incompleteness. The second is the mental maturity.

The combination of these two kinds of results enables the human being to move up in the level of intelligence as described in the previous unit.

These results are called INDIRECT because it is not from any specific activity.

These results are called INVISIBLE because people seldom recognize this result.

Lesson 17: Drivers of good action
Session: E26

Indirect-Invisible result of our activities comprises of two kinds of results

One is the sense on inadequacy and incompleteness. The second is the mental maturity.

Sense of inadequacy:

However well an activity is performed no one will be completely satisfied with the performance. Everyone will feel that they could have done better.

Sense of Incompleteness:

However good the results of an activity be no one will be completely satisfied with them. Everyone will feel that they deserved something more even after accomplishing the intended results.

These two factors will drive them to perform more action.

Mental Maturity:

The attitude with which any activity is performed determines the mental maturity.

Any goal-oriented attitude is inferior compared to the action-oriented attitude.

All the activities are to be performed to the best of one’s efforts for the sake of doing the activity and not for gaining any sort of results.

As and when the activity is done with this attitude it will bring about a mental maturity which is essential to move on to the next level of intelligence.

Lesson 18: Summary of Action and Activities
Session: E27

Statement 57: Activities ensure progress

Human beings are constantly involved in action. In addition, all the actions bring about the results as discussed earlier. The cumulative effect of all such actions is progress in the spiritual path of moving from the current level of intelligence to the next level.

If a detailed analysis is made on the nature of results that will be brought, it is clear that the following method will make us progress quickly.

One should always do good actions

One should do actions for the sake of doing the action and not be concerned with the results that may come in.

These two factors will ultimately happen whether one consciously make an effort or not. Nevertheless, it helps if one does it consciously.

Unit 04
Role of religions and Holy Scriptures
Number of Sessions 6
(29 to 34)
Number of Lessons 5
(19 to 23)

On completion of this Unit, the student will be able to
(a) Identify how the religion helps people at the varied level of intelligence.
(b) See the oneness of all religions

Notes to the teacher:

All the religions are to be compared.

While there is no difference among the religions, there are differences in the people. It is not possible to give same prescription to two different patients. So depending on the status of the patient different paths to recovery is shown by the religions. Depending on the profile of the patients, the doctor is classified as 'Jaundice Doctor' or 'Malaria Doctor' since they treat that type of patients more often. Although all the doctors are educated in the same school of medicine, they are perceived differently, based on the type of the patients they treat. Any of the doctors could treat all the common diseases!

Similarly, any religion can guide any human being BUT due to the common profile of the followers, the various religions are perceived differently.

Thus, the same religion is portrayed differently based on the followers.

Unit Test:
Session E34
1. How an inactive person is made active? (Lesson 19)
2. What is the main contribution and the five additional contribution by the religion for the people who are in the level of world dependence (Level 2)?
3. What is the difference in attitude towards work between Level 2 and Level 3 people. (Lesson 21)
4. Explain the role of religion in helping the people (at the different levels) progress towards the common goal.
5. What is the purpose of doing work for people in Level 1 to 5. (Lesson 23)

Lesson 19: No Dependence to World-dependence
Session: E29

For people in the Level 1, religion is a savior. But for the religion, the people in this level would be living entirely like animals. Religion is the only factor, which forces the human beings to act to become more ambitious.

Guided by the instinct animals and other living beings get involved in action. Human being is expected to get involved in action voluntarily by using his free will. This will involve actions that are meant beyond just survival. Such additional action is required in order to gain more intelligence.

Therefore, the various religious faiths across the world forces people in this level to celebrate various festivals, thanks giving to gods and other rituals. Some of these may be looked down by the modern scientific world as superstition. However, they are not. All such activities are required to move the people in this level to the next level. These rituals drive the individual to more action. They drive the individual to consume more. They make the individual not be contended with the minimum. Thus, people are moved from the survival mode (of animals) to desire mode.

Statement 58: Religion makes inactive person active.
Thus, religion drives an inactive person active and makes him depend on the world for his happiness/ peace and security.

At this level, every community has their own set of gods, rituals and beliefs. People follow the traditional custom without questioning it. Neither do they understand the significance of it.

If people in Level 1, are not religious, they will not be motivated to work beyond meeting survival needs. All actions by such individuals are done without any specific motive and therefore in order for the people to get involved in more action religious belief serves as a prod.

Lesson 20: World-dependence to God-dependence
Session: E30

Once a man is pushed into action and moves upto this level, the inertia in the system ensures that he continues to act. Infact the action will become so frantic that increasingly people will feel that 24 hours a day is not enough.

In the previous level, people do not have the need to know the time of the day more accurately than morning, evening and night. There is nothing much to be done. However, in this level everyone is racing against time. There are so many tasks to be completed and there is so little time.

Statement 59: The role of religion in this level is to guide the human beings to do ONLY Good Actions and AVOID all Bad Actions.

If this is not followed, the human being will suffer so much that he will turn towards God and start avoiding all Bad Actions. He will then do as much good actions as possible.

Such Good Actions will bring him the support of good company and a competent compassionate teacher. Then he will be promoted to the next level.

Thus, Holy Scriptures guides the people who are dependent on the world to depend on God for happiness, peace and security, by avoidance of bad actions.

In addition to the above following additional contributions are made which are essential for the individual to complete the Level 4. They are
(a) Self Control (Mastery over sense organs)
(b) Self Confidence (Development and growth of ego)
(c) Self Integration (All the five personality layers to function coherently)
(d) Self-Effort (Non-fatalism. He should put in the effort to gain his goal)
(e) Balanced Mind (Steady mind is required to absorb the ultimate knowledge) This is developed by working for the sake of work

As they progress in this level, the perceived role of god, religion and scripture will become progressively less. They are too busy chasing material goals and do not have much time to spend on spiritual activities. Going to place of worship, celebrating the various religious festivals and following traditional practices are done more for breaking the monotony of the daily routine and for some sort of relaxation/ entertainment. Much significance is not attached to such activities.

As a person is matured in this level these activities, assume more importance and he moves on to the next level.

All the actions by the individual are motivated by LIKES and DISLIKES initially. As he is matured in this level, he will start looking into the right and wrong aspects of the actions. Initially he will do even wrong actions because he likes them. After progressing in this level, he will ensure only right actions are done.

The level of hold the likes and dislikes have on him determines how long he stays in this level. The likes and dislikes themselves are modified as he realizes the futility of the prosperity.

Lesson 21: God-dependence to Self-dependence
Session: E31

The man in this level continues to act but the focus is to serve the god. He moves from being materialistic to be spiritual. He drastically reduces all the bad actions and ensures he does more good actions.

The role of Holy Scripture at this level is to guide the human beings perform good actions for the sake of doing the action and not for the result. This is a quantum jump from the perspective of a Level 2 person.

A person in the Level 2 is busy working all the time with focus to increase his wealth. From this level, it is unthinkable to move on to a level where one has to work without any focus on the result. This movement is initiated and sustained through proper teaching of a competent teacher gained by the individual as an invisible result of his past good actions.

The intelligence grows manifold in this level because the work is done for the sake of work. There is much more involvement in the work and people reach greater heights of performance.

Statement 60: Religion prepares the mind of the people to receive the ultimate knowledge.

Religion prepares the mind of the people (to receive the ultimate knowledge) by making them work for the sake of work and not for the result.

Everyone in this level will have a personal god to start with. They will hold on to their personal god (to the exclusion of all other gods/ religions) as the only god and follow all the traditional rituals religiously. They will take more care to do things according to the Holy Scriptures as described by their personal teachers.

As they are matured in this level, they will become more broad-minded. They will start seeing the whole world as one god. Seeing that all the religions lead the people to the same truth is the sign of maturity. When this happens people move to the next level.

Statement 61: All the actions by the individual are motivated by what is RIGHT and what is WRONG and not by likes and dislikes.

He ensures only right actions are done even if he dislikes them and avoid wrong actions even if he likes them. This is the effect of being religious. Because of this practice, he develops good habits, which brings him lots of unseen benefit including guidance of a good teacher.

His mind then matures and gets ready to receive the highest level of truth.

Lesson 22: Self-Dependence to Independence
Session: E32

A well-prepared mind becomes fit to receive the ultimate knowledge and enters this level. Serious enquiry into the nature of God is the focus of all actions in this level.

There are three distinct steps in this level.

First Step is to understand the true meaning of the Holy Scripture
Second Step is to reflect on the new knowledge and gain doubtless clarity
Third and final Step is to become steady on the knowledge in all the actions

Statement 62: Religion gives the ultimate knowledge to the prepared mind.

Thus the religion, which prepared the mind of the individual in the previous three levels, gives the ultimate knowledge through Holy Scriptures in this level. Once this is done, the individual from the state of Self Dependence becomes fully independent.

The serious enquiry reveals the truth that the nature of self and god are identical. It requires great wisdom to assimilate this truth. It takes time, effort and hard work to move from God Dependence to Self Dependence for happiness, peace and security.

At this level, people follow the traditional rituals and religious practices with full awareness of the significance behind them. Although they do not have to follow them since they already have the benefit out of them, they do it more for setting an example to the rest of the society and not for any personal benefit.

All the actions by the individual are guided by the REALIY and UNREALITY.

He no longer gets himself attached to the RIGHT action as he is used to do in the previous level. Performing right actions are only a means to an end. Right actions by themselves will not take him to the final destination

Nevertheless, by nature (acquired through the habits formed in the previous level) he does only the right actions and avoids wrong actions. However, he knows their limitations and strives to discriminate between the reality and falsehood with the help of his teacher/ Holy Scriptures.

In addition, his likes and dislikes are modified during the past two levels. At this level, he likes what is right and dislikes what is wrong naturally.

Statement 63: Only right actions are liked and the wrong actions are disliked naturally.

Lesson 23: Independence (The final destination)
Session: E33

The basic three goals of all living beings are (a) to be Immortal, (b) to be joyful and (c) to gain more intelligence. All these goals are finally achieved in this level. After reaching this level even the Holy Scriptures are not required for the individual.

His actions are termed as action less action because they are done without any specific personal goal.

In Level 1 action is done for survival and little more for religious rituals.

In Level 2 action is done for accumulating wealth/ name/ fame/ power etc

In Level 3 action is done for preparing the mind to receive the ultimate knowledge

In Level 4 action is done for receiving the ultimate knowledge.

In Level 5 since all the goals of life is achieved, action is done without any purpose. It is quite alright if the individual withdraws from the society and does not do any action as well. It is equally alright if he is very busy in material pursuit.

All the religions in the world are focused to move the individual upto this level where he realizes that he is the knower whose nature is immortal and joyful. He is Ever Witnessing Joy.

This is conveyed by all the four major holy scriptures of the world.

Hinduism: You Are That.
Buddhism: Be a light to yourself
Islam: There is nothing but god.
Christianity: The kingdom of heaven lies within you./ The truth sets you free.

The essence of all the religions is to make the human beings intelligent enough to understand that he is fully capable of removing all the miseries of the world and live joyfully forever.

All the actions by the individual are firmly rooted in the reality. He is aware that all his actions pertain to the false universe and therefore will not affect his real self. He will continue to have likes and dislikes which is the result of his accumulated personality but they will be by nature beneficial to all the living beings.

Statement 64: All actions are done out of happiness and not for happiness.

Unit 05
Benefits of learning
Number of Sessions 3
(35 to 38)
Number of Lessons 3
(24 to 26)

On completion of this Unit, the student will be able to
(a) Understand the benefits of knowing the answers to the Eternal Questions.
(b) Provide appropriate answers to those who are not in a position to understand the complete answers for the Eternal Questions.

Notes to the teacher:

Prior to starting this module, the teacher should develop a test to assess how joyful the students are living. The same scale/ scoring system should be used to assess the benefits after completing this module.

The benefits gained by the individual students should be assessed and guidance should be provided for the next steps.

Unit Test:
Session E38
1. Describe how people belonging to various levels of intelligence view the Eternal Questions. (Lesson 24)
2. What are the answers to the Eternal Questions? (Lesson 25)
3. How long it will take someone to learn the answers.
4. What are all the benefits one will get by knowing the answers to the Eternal Questions?
5. Describe the difference in the behavior of people before and after getting knowledge, giving your own example. (Lesson 26)