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Panchadashi Lesson - G0540: Suffering of EGO

Module - G
Unit - G05
Lesson G0540: Apparent suffering of EGO
By Raja Subramaniyan

Nevertheless, in practical life it looks impossible that we are not affected by the sufferings of our bodies.

Example: A child comes back home with the progress report. The child has obtained 1st rank. However, the child does not care much about the rank. Nevertheless, the parents are very happy.

The happiness of the parents is due to the sense of belonging, "my child".

The sense of belonging is abstract information, which has no reality. However, we give too much importance to it causing us pain.

Example: A mother receives news that her child met with an accident.

The mental trauma of the mother has nothing to do with her physical status. Her sense of belonging to the child causes the misery.

Similarly, the EGO has a sense of belonging with the physical body. This has resulted in the suffering.

To continue the previous example: If the mother comes to know that it is not her child who is involved in the accident, instantly she is relived of all the pain and suffering.

Similarly, if the EGO realizes that it is not related to the bodies, the sufferings of the body will not affect the EGO. EGO will be a casual observer to the sufferings of the body.

Example: The wall developed a crack after a heavy rain. A passerby notices the crack but not affected by it in anyway. The owner of the house, however, is shattered.

As long as there is no attachment, the pain and suffering does not come about.

Since the real self cannot be touched, the suffering of the EGO is apparent just as the dream can hurt only a dream body.

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