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Panchadashi Lesson - F0544: Three Building Blocks

Module - F
Unit - F05
Lesson F0544: Three building blocks
By Raja Subramaniyan

The transition from ignorance to enlightenment seems to be a difficult if not an impossible task. It should be understood that it is not by luck/ god's grace/ chance one gets enlightenment. One has to put in hard work to reach the goal. The path is very systematic.

Attaining enlightenment is very similar to any other task like swimming or cooking a meal. For those who do not know how to cook, cooking a meal might look like an impossible task.

Example: Building a house is not an impossible task if one has enough money and desire to build the house.

Those who do not have enough commitment cannot attempt to gain enlightenment in this birth. Merely possessing money will not materialize the house. Similarly, the intelligence alone will not bring about enlightenment. One must have deep desire.

Once these two basic requirements are, fulfilled one is ready to embark on the path to enlightenment.

Three distinct but related building blocks (dispassion, equanimity and the right knowledge) are required to attain Joyful Living. Enlightenment is being rooted in the right knowledge that world (including the body/mind complex) is unreal. Such right knowledge cannot be gained without minimum measure of dispassion or equanimity. However if all the three building blocks are available in full measure then, only then, the quality of Joyful Living will be of the highest order.

Statement 83: Dispassion (Non-attachment to any object, event or person)

Statement 84: Equanimity (A calm and composed mind that does not get elated nor get depressed)

Statement 85: Right Knowledge [I am the only reality and GOD/ Universe (including my body/ mind complex) are an illusion sustained by me.]

It is like a three-ply rope. These three components are intertwined. One supports the other. It is not possible to start spinning a rope with just one strand without using the other two. To spin a rope all the strands are to be used in equal measure.

The strength and the length of the rope entirely depend on the strength and length of the strands. Similarly, the quality and the steadiness of Joyful Living depend on these three components. If anyone of the three components is weak then it will affect the effectiveness of the whole.

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