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Panchadashi Lesson - F0443: Enquiry - Summary

Module - F
Unit - F04
Lesson F0443: Enquiry - Summary (Practical)
By Raja Subramaniyan

Notes to the teacher:
Since the Unit 4 on enquiry is a long one, allow the students to assimilate the ideas by asking them to summarize the conclusions from the enquiry.

For example, ask the students to discuss the difference between

GOD and One
GOD and Self
ONE and Self
Self and Ego
Gods Will and Free Will
Omniprevalent and Omnipresent
Omniprevalent and Omniscient
Omniprevalent and Omnipotent
Omnipotent and Omniscient
Omnipotent and Omnipresent
Omnipresent and Omniscient

At the end of the enquiry, it should be realized that it is not possible to answer any question completely. The enquiry will become endless debate, if the students are aiming to gain intellectual superiority through their capacity to argue. The truth is all the above concepts are part of the illusion. There is no question to be asked about anything since nothing exists.

Therefore, the purpose of the enquiry is not to find answers to any question regarding creation, role of god, role of human beings, purpose of life etc. The purpose of the enquiry is to realize that there is nothing to enquire.

At the end of the debate among the students, the teacher can identify three types of people.

Type 1: Who are debating from the beginning to end (no end)
Type 2: Who are not debating at all since they do not have clarity
Type 3: Who stop debating after gaining the understanding that there is no point in debating.

Only Type 3 students are enlightened. They know that they exist and nothing else exists. They do not argue because both sides of the debate are meaningless and part of the illusion.

Game: Ask a person to walk across the room, blind folded, without touching any obstacles spread across. Remove all obstacles after blindfolding. The progress of the player is affected and he suffers due to the non-existing obstacles.

The world is non-existing and it gives all the problems to those who are blindfolded with ignorance. Clarity in vision that there are no obstacles should be the result of enquiry.

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