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Panchadashi Lesson - E0102: Levels of Intelligence

Module - E
Unit - E01
Lesson - E0102: Introduction to Levels of Intelligence
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 01: Comprehension depends on levels of intelligence

The level of intelligence determines the ability of men to comprehend the complexities of the creation. In the beginning, he observes that the sun is traveling across the sky but do not ask any question about it. As his level of intelligence increases, he starts asking questions about what he observes.

This is true, with respect to all branches of knowledge. The complexity of any subject, including how to live life happily, requires high degree of intelligence to comprehend the truth.

Example: Why is it that a ship floats but a nail sinks? The answer to this question can be comprehended, depending on the level of intelligence.

If the level of intelligence is low, even the question cannot be comprehended.

Statement 02: Levels of intelligence varies

The level of intelligence is not uniform among all the human beings. Only the more intelligent among them question whether it is the sun that revolves around the earth or the other way around. When they discover the truth and share it with others not everyone will be able to understand or appreciate the truth. Depending on the level of intelligence, some will comprehend the truth and the rest will continue to be ignorant. Even now there are many who believe sun is a god.

Statement 03: Variation in intelligence level starts from birth

Such variation in the levels of intelligence commences from birth. At all stages of life, these variations continue to grow. It will never be possible for stupid person to compete with a person who is born with more intelligence.

Statement 04: Intelligence is a function of learning

The only way to gain intelligence is through learning. There is no other way. Learning happens through working and studying. A person who is more intelligent will be able to learn at a faster pace than the one with lesser intelligence. Therefore, the differences in the levels of intelligence at birth can only widen.
Statement 05: Learning happens in many births

Whatever one learns in a lifetime becomes the part of the mind as intelligence. Such intelligence is carried over to the next birth. This fact explains the reason for differences in the levels of intelligence even among babies and children.

Statement 06: Current variation in intelligence level is the result of accumulated learning in the innumerable previous births.

If one person is much more intelligent than the other, it only means that the person with higher level of intelligence has learnt lot more than the other person in the innumerable previous births.

It does not reflect the variation in the environment or opportunities between the two. It is not possible to make any significant changes in the level of intelligence by changing the environment or by providing 'better' opportunities.

Statement 07: It is not possible to increase the level of intelligence significantly within one lifetime.

The number of previous births one had is innumerable. It is not limited to the time and space of the known universe. In each birth, we gain intelligence through learning. Therefore, the quantum of accumulated intelligence is very high compared to what can be acquired in the current lifetime.

Therefore, it can be assumed that the level of intelligence does not significantly change.

Statement 08: Preferences guide the application of intelligence.

Each individual is born with a set of preferences that are gained through past actions. These preferences guide the individual to a particular path in life by dictating his likes and dislikes.

Therefore, even if an individual has the required level of intelligence to reach the ultimate goal of life, he may spend time in pursuing other interests.

Example: Even the most intelligent people cannot solve a simple zigzag puzzle if they place a piece in the wrong location. Until they realize their mistake they will be searching for the ever eluding solution.

Due to ignorance, people think science and technology will give the answers to the Eternal Questions. Therefore, their effort is being wasted.

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