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Panchadashi Unit - A05: Introduction to Eternal Cycle

Module - A
Unit - A05: Introduction to Eternal Cycle
By Raja Subramaniyan

On completion of this Unit, the student will be able to
(a) Define Eternal Cycle
(b) Understand why we are caught in a Eternal Cycle
(c) Identify the only means to getting liberation from Eternal Cycle

Notes to the teacher: (Ref 1.29 to 1.32 of the original text)

Start the discussion with a question "What is the cause of the sorrow/ sad moments in life?" Go systematically until the class reaches the right reason, 'absence of self-knowledge' (Delusion) is the root cause.

Prove that the ONLY cause for the sufferings of ALL the human beings is Delusion.

Also, prove that majority of the people think that the environment (eternal cycle) is the cause of our suffering.

Prove that the first effect of Delusion, namely projecting power is shifting our attention from the real cause from the apparent cause ... death of a relative

Prove that every one looks externally all the time ... looking at our own mind is also external ... the only thing to be seen is to look inside at our real self ONE

Unit Test: Session A32
1. How will enjoyment lead to action? (Lesson 19)
2. What is the starting point of desire? (Lesson 19)
3. What is wrong with the 'Eternal Cycle'? (Lesson 20)
4. Are we free to do whatever we want? (Lesson 20)
5. List the pairs of opposites in life (Lesson 20)
6. What are the four constituent parts of a Human Being? (Lesson 20)
7. How are we different from God? (Lesson 20)
8. What are the effects of being caught in the 'Eternal Cycle'? (Lesson 21)
9. Why is the 'Eternal Cycle' eternal? (Lesson 21)
10. What are the qualifications of a right teacher? (Lesson 21)
11. What should we do in order to receive the right teaching? (Lesson 22)

Answers could be sent to the author for validation.

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