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Panchadashi Lesson - A0415: Story of Creation

Module - A
Unit - A04
Lesson - A0415: Story of Creation
By Raja Subramaniyan

Ignoring these three stages, an over view of the creation is given in this lesson.

ONE using its inherent power of AEM creates space using pressure waves. These pressure waves or sound waves convert parts of the energy into molecules of air by converting energy into matter. This air is made denser and hotter and resulted in Big Bang. Rest of the story of creation and evolution is same as proposed by scientists with one major correction.

Scientists believe that living beings evolved out of inert matter when the conditions in earth become suitable for them. However, the truth is involution of the living beings caused this evolution. Along with the Big Bang, which is the expression of Matter strand of AEM, the Energy strand expressed itself as living beings, got involved in the physical molecules, and started appearing in physical form as living creatures.

The seed form of AEM is first expressed in subtle form and then the gross universe as we see has evolved. This is explained by an example.

Example: The only source of light in the Disco Light (which is like a ball that keeps rotating) is the bulb inside. A mixture of three different types of material covers the bulb.

The bulb represents ONE.

The mixture represents AEM. This mixture is made of three different elements namely Aura, Energy and Matter.

Mix 1 (Predominantly Aura) - Plain Glass is called Illusion

Mix 2 (Predominantly Energy) - Small Dotted Glass is called Delusion

Mix 3(Predominantly Matter)-The non reflecting part is called Inert Matter

AEM shines due to the Witness aspect of ONE. In our Disco Light example it reflects the light coming from the bulb.

Aura dominant expression of AEM is called Illusion. The combination of Illusion and the reflection/projection is called God

God is one. God is all knowing. God controls the Illusion

Energy dominant expression of AEM is called Delusion. The combination of Delusion and the reflections/projections are called Living Beings.

Living Beings are many. They are ignorant. Delusion controls them. It has two properties:

1. Shielding (It partly shields the light emitted by the bulb)

2. Projecting (It projects images and objects that are not really there)

Matter dominant expression of AEM is called Inert Matter. The combination of Inert Matter and the non-reflection is called Universe.

Since Universe is matter dominant, it is like clay that can be molded in any shape. Since the Aura element is very less in it, it cannot have pain (or pleasure). Since the Energy element is also very less in it, it cannot do anything independently. The objects in the universe are created by God, for the enjoyment of the Living Beings according to their specifications.

The Disco Light is one object. It results in three things namely,

A bright light which illumines the room

Many small dots that keep rotating all the time all over the place

And the dark non-illumined space that support the other two

These three things do not exist without the Disco Light. Therefore when we see these three things we refer them as Disco Light without ever referring to the bulb, which is hung on the top.

Thus what we refer by the name Universe (Disco Light) actually is the ONE (glowing bulb) but we seem to mean

God (The light projected by the Plain glass)

Living Beings (Many small lights projected by dotted glasses)

Universe (Non-illumined space that support the other two)

All three of them, the bright light, small dotted lights and the non illumined places ARE NOT the source of light. The bright light and many small dotted lights resemble the light that is projected from the bulb. Bulb is the ONLY source of light.

Similarly, all three of them, God, Living Beings and the Universe are made up of inert matter. They are the result of AEM, the manifestation power of ONE. God and Living Beings appear to be alive because they have the capability to reflect the Ever Witnessing Joy nature of ONE.

The only source of light is the bulb and it gives out bright light uniformly. However, the quality of reflection depends on the reflecting mediums namely the plain glass and the many small dotted glasses.

The only source of consciousness is ONE. God is a pure reflecting medium and therefore He is omnipresent, omni prevalent, omnipotent and omniscient. Living beings are made up of inferior material (lesser quantity of Aura) and therefore they appear to be mortal, limited by time and space, ignorant and changing.

While God controls the medium of reflection (Illusion), human beings are under the control of the medium of reflection (Delusion).

There is an option for the dotted lights to make claim on their true identity. Since the only source of light is the bulb, it is right for the small light to say 'I am the bulb'. Alternatively, it can remain ignorant thinking that it is a speck of light fleeting momentarily.

Similarly, the consciousness that is seen in the living beings belongs to ONE. There is no other consciousness other than ONE. However due to the power of Delusion (poor reflecting medium) we think that we are limited, changing, mortal beings.

Seeing the truth is liberation from the Delusion.

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