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Gita Lesson - 1705: Action

Bhagavad Gita
Unit - 17
Lesson - 1705: Through Action (Stage 2)
By Raja Subramaniyan

Some people are so active that they cannot sit quietly in meditation. They are not yet ready for reaching God through Upasana. Therefore, Lord Krishna offers them the second stage of Bhakthi Yoga. He says that it is possible to reach him even though the devotee is engaged in various activities.

Many people are driven continuously by their Energy element. They do not have enough time to spend for God. They do not have patience to sit through a long session of prayer or meditation. At the same time, they do not crave for the comforts and entertainment that are offered by the material pursuit. They are clear that they want a peaceful and happy life and in addition, they know that the material pursuit will not offer these to them. Since they know the limitation of the objects of the world to offer lasting happiness, they have turned their attention to God. However, due to their inherent Energy, they would like to keep themselves busy with activities in the external world.

They are interested in action and not keen on the results. Lord Krishna suggests this stage for such people and tells them that they should dedicate all their action for God.

Qualifications required for reaching this stage:
1. Should not have strong desire to pull them towards worldly objects
2. Should not get immersed in entertainment like movie, club and parties
3. Should be interested in social service or service for God

Process of completing this stage

People will be actively involved in the affairs of the world. They chose the type of action according to their skill, capability and interest. The objective of their action will not be to earn name, fame, money, power, position and such. They should dedicate all their action to God and not work for results.

They can work for a social cause or help a religious cause in the interest of others. There is no selfish interest for them. Their only interest is to be in action. They will do their chosen action to the best of their abilities since they will be doing it for the sake of God.

The benefit of completing this stage

After prolonged exposure to selfless action, one will gain the balance of mind. Mind will not oscillate between the pairs of opposites and slowly will become ready to concentrate. It will then be possible to move away from physical action to mental action, namely Upasana.

Graduating to the next stage can happen only when the desire to be continuously busy is removed through selfless action.

Chapter 12: Liberation through Bhakthi Yoga [Verse: 10]

12.10 If you cannot practice the regulations of bhakti-yoga, then just try to work for Me, because by working for Me you will come to the perfect stage.

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