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Innum Vandar Illaye

Innum Vandar Illaye
By Desiya Vinayagam Pillai
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Saaveri
Tala Aadi


Innum vandaarillaye, ariyaaro,
Ezhai padum thollai ai sakhiye,
Innum vandarillaye.


Punnagai purindu, muppurangalai erithavar,
Thennavar nadu aala shenkol tharithavar


Sen thamizh pannile, sikki thavikkindrare,
Vandiyin pittukku vazhakkadi nirkindare,
Sundran vendida toothu natakkindrare,
Entha disaikegi, enna cheykindraro.

English translation


He has not come even now-does he not know,
The sufferings of this poor girl, oh friend,
He has not come even now.


He is the one who burnt the three cities with a smile,
He is the one who ruled with his staff so that Pandyas will prosper


Entangled in Tamil poem, he is in problems,
He is arguing for small payment for the cart,
He is going as a messenger for Sundara,
In which direction is he, what is he doing.

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