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Thana Meedhane Cheppu Kovale

Thana Meedhane Cheppu Kovale
By Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Bhooshavali


Thana meedhane cheppu kovale,
Kaganu ninnada pani lethura,


Chanuvuna kontha palikethavu,
Eesuna kontha palikedhavu neramella


Oka vela ninnu prema meera mathini,
Unchi manchi poola poojimbuchunu,
Oka vela kopikinchi ninnu thoorusu,
Undi kaani Rama Thyagaraja nutha.

English Translation


One can blame himself,
But not find fault with you.


You told some things with love,
And some with hatred,
But all faults are only mine.


Sometimes with love I used
To make you sit in my heart and worshipped you,
And some other times with anger, I berated you,
But you have been always praised by Thyagaraja.

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