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Brahmaivaham Khila

Brahmaivaham Khila
By Sadashiva Brahmendral
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Nadhanama kriya
Thalam: Aadhi


Brahmaivakam khila sadguru krupayaa,
Brahmaivaham khila

Am I not Brahman due to the mercy of the great Guru.
Am I not Brahman.


1. Brahmaivakam kila, guru krupaya,
Chinmaya bodhananda ghanam thath.

Am I not Brahman due to mercy of Guru,
Who taught me that is the heavy joy full of divinity.

2. Sruthyanthaika niroopitham athulam,
Sathya sukhaambhudhi samarasam anagham.

This matchless truth is proved at the end of Vedas,
Which is the truthful pleasant sea leading to this invaluable conclusion.

3. Karma akarma vikarma vidhooram,
Nirmala samvidha khandam aparam.

This is far away from action, inaction and wrongful action,
And is pure along with the shore less gap all knowledge.

4. Niravadhi sathaaspadha padam ajaram,
Nirupama mahimani nihitham aneeham.

It depends on many truthful un-decaying words,
Which have matchless power placed by one who knows.

5. Aasaa pasa vinasana chathuram,
Kosa panchaka atheetham anantham.

It is an expert in destroying attachment and affection,
Endless and much beyond the five sheaths which support the soul.

6. Karana akarana yekam anekam,
Kala akala kali dosha viheenam

It is the cause, not the cause, it is one and it is many,
It is in timely and untimely and that which removes problems due to Kali age.

7. Aprameya apadam Akhiladharam,
Nishprapancha nija nishkriya roopam.

It is innumerable, it has no place and supports every thing,
It has a form which is pure, true and the supreme spirit.

8. Swaprakasa shivam advayam abhayam,
Nishpratham arkyamana apaaya makayam.

It shines by its own luster, peaceful, free from duplicity and provides protection,
It never perishes, it is eternal and is without any body.

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