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Punniyam Oru Kodi

Punniyam Oru Kodi
By Periyasami Thooran
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Keeravani
Thalam Aathi

Punniyam oru kodi purintheno,
Naan pothidum Kamakoti acharyal arul pervae

Kannil karunai kaati, karamalar abhayam kaati,
Yennilaa inbam kooti, yennai avar aat kolla

Annai Kamakshi pola anbe vadivai vanthaar,
Amuthu oorum yeliya sollaal aru marai yellam thanthaar,
Thannai maranthu, athuve than aagum thava venthar,
Charanam aravindam athil thanjam pugunthida.

English Translation

Have I done billions of good deeds,
For getting the blessings of Kamakoti Acharya,
Whom I respect.

He made me his by showing mercy in his eyes,
By Showing his hand with symbol of protection,
And increasing innumerable pleasures for me.

He came as a personification of love like Mother Kamakshi,
By using his nectar like words, he gave me all the blessed Vedas,
By Forgetting himself and becoming that only
and I surrendered to the lotus like feet of the king of saints.

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