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Nee Ninaindhal

Nee Ninaindhal
By Periyasami Thooran
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Darbari Kanada

Nee ninaindhaal agaadathu undo.
Neeraja dala nayani Mahalakshmi

Manitha vazzkayile inbha thunbham,
Maari Mari varuvathum un cheyal andro

1. Yella perumaigalum irunthalum athu,
Un adi vangamal nilai perumo

2. Un arul parvai illathavarkku,
Ulagile vazha vazhi ethu amma.

English Translation

Is there anything that cannot be done when you want it,
Oh Maha Lakshmi, who has lotus like eyes.

Is it not because of you that pleasure and pain,
Comes In the life of humans as predetermined.

1. Even if we have all the fames in this world,
Will they stick on without saluting your feet

2. What is the way to live in this world,
For those who do not get your merciful look.

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