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Theril Vandhano

Theril Vandhano
By Oothukadu Venkatasubba Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Useni
Thalam: Roopakam


Theril vandhano- velan, Theril vandhano-ingu, Neril nindrano,
Cheerongum kshetramagiya Sikkil Singara Velavan Nerai ithikkil

Did Velan come in a Chariot, Did he come in a chariot here, did he stand in front of you,
The pretty Valan of the famous temple of Sikkil, did he come straight here,


Parijatha malar vaasam,
Pakkam yengum manam veesum-antha,
Kariyam un kaikal pesum,
Kandhanukku Un peril ooyatha nesam

He lives in Parijatha flower,
His scent spreads on all sides and that,
Aspect your hands would talk,
And that Skandha has unending love towards you.


Parkulam keezhkarai andru-unnai,
Parthu mayangi naan nindru,
Yaarkkum thetiyathu yendru nee,
Aganthai konaayodi, nandru, nandru,
Ahankaram chollathadi, Angarakan pollathadi,
Singara Velan cheitha thirisaman ithu, Darisinamura

On the lower bank of the milk tank,
I saw you and stood there greatly attracted,
And you thought nobody knows about it,
And did you become proud of that, good, good,
Do not talk proudly, Angaraka (Mars) is a bad one,
This is the mischief done by Singara Velan - to see him.

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