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Devi Vanam Vandhaal

Devi Vanam Vandhaal
By Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Ananda Bhairavi
Thalam Aadhi


Devi vanam vandhal Sathi,
Devi vama vandhal Sathi devi Kadamba vanam vandhal,
Thenarum solai, thellamutha vaavi,
Chediyarum koodi nindru pon malaria thoovi,
Theethilatha vannamum sirithu alavalaavi,
Thiruvarulakki inbamum thekkida ulaavi Sathi


Devi vanam vandhal, sivanar manam nindral,
Silambu ani pada malar cheyyum vannam nindral,
Aavi kalanthu adiyar anbu manam urugi,
Aarraga oda, athil neerada yendru solli


Aagamangal kodi thazhainthu thazhainthu,
Aadavan yettum maram thane thanaga,
Athanai upanidatham anainthu kodiyaagi,
Aram yennum manaqm miguntha mamalargal thanaaga,
Arivu thadamaga agamum nizhalaga, aravinda pada malar anna nadayaaga,
Kumuda malaranna vizhiyum arulaaga kuliravarulala ulagam muzhudhu Aala

English Translation


The goddess came to forest, Sathi,
The goddess came to forest, Goddess Sathi came to the Kadamba forest,
In the Honey like garden, the lake with honey like water,
With friends surrounding her showering golden flowers on her,
With incomparable colours, laughing and talking and talking,
Making everything divine and wandering with joy, came the goddess.


The goddess came to the forest and stood in the mind of Lord Shiva,
And stood with her lotus like feet wearing anklets,
Telling that she wants to bathe in the river,
Made by the melting minds of her devotees.


With the tree of Vedas bowing and bowing,
With herself becoming the tree which sun God tries to reach,
With all Upanishads becoming climbers hugging her,
With the great flower of Dharma being herself,
With Knowledge becoming her way, with the families becoming shade, with lotus like feet walking like a swan,
With eyes resembling the lotus flower showering her grace,
And making the world pleasant and ruling all the world, the goddess came.

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