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Hey Govinda Hey Gopala

Hey Govinda Hey Gopala
By Dayananda Sarawathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Hindolam
Thala Thisra Yeka


Hey Govinda, Hey Gopala, Uddhara maam,
Deenam, athi dheenam Balakanaam


Vihitha viheenam, viparyaya jnanam,
Sanchitha sarva kalusha kalapam.


Vedam na jane, vedyam na jane,
Dhyanam na jane, dhyayam na jane,
Mantram na jane, Tantram na jane,
Padyam na jane, Gadyam na jane.

English Translation


Hey Govinda, Hey Gopala, uplift me,
Who is oppressed, greatly oppressed and a child.


I am not suitable, I do not have great knowledge
I have only a medley of all that is turbid.


I do not know Vedas, nor its applications,
I do not know meditation nor whom to meditate,
I do not mantras nor thanthras,
I do not know poems nor prose.

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