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Kanpadeppo Ten Ayyane

Kanpadeppo Ten Ayyane
By Ambujam Krishna
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Bilahari
Thalam Aadi

Kanpadheppo yen ayyane, kan kulira naan, yen kali theerave

Maanbudan yen mana kovilil vaithu,
Pan paadi naalum kondaadum naan

Kapi thanukku irangi or kapi thaanai vadaithittai .
abhyam yendru adaintha oor arakkanai,
Kaatil upacharaam ariyen siriyen,
Chei pala apacharam poruthu aatkonda unthanai.

English meaning

Oh Lord, when would I be able to see you,
With a very pleased eye, till I want.

When will I be able to,
Keep you in the temple of my mind with great respect,
And then sing to you and celebrate that day

Taking pity on a monkey, you killed another monkey,
And when an Asura came to you seeking protection,
And saying, I am a small one and do not know hospitality,
And please pardon my mistakes, you completely made him your own.

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