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Radha Krishna Ji Ki Aarthi

Radha Krishna Ji Ki Aarthi
(Prayer addressed to Radha Krishna)
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Radha is the close friend of Lord Krishna in Brindavan. She is also considered as an incarnation. Devotees approaching Lord Krishna with prem Bhav (feeling of love) pray them together. This is taken from http://indif.com/nri/Aarti/radhakrishnaarti.asp.]

1. Om jaya Sri Radha On Jaya Sri Krishna,
Sri Radha Krishnaya nama

Om Victory to Radha, Om victory to Krishna,
Salutations to Radha Krishna,

2. Ghoom gumaro sohe jaya Sri Radhaa,
Pat Peethambhar muni mani mohe Jay Sri Krishna,
Jugal prem ras jjam jjam jjamakai.
Sri Radha Krishnaya nama.

Because she roams and rolls, victory to Radha,
Dressed in yellow silk, Krishna steals the mind of sages, Victory to him,
With two of them loving each other they make the atmosphere bright,
Salutations to Radha Krishna,

3. Radha Radhaa Krishn kanhaiya jay sri Radha,
Bhav Bhav SAgar paar lagaiya, jay Sri Krishna,
Mangal moorith moksha karaiya,
Sri Radha Krishnaya nama

Radha, Radha, The Krishna, Victory to Radha,
Help me to cross the fearful ocean of birth, victory to Radha,
Salutations to Radha Krishna.

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