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Guruvayupuresa Pancha Rathnam

Guruvayupuresa Pancha Rathnam
By Sengalipuram Anantha Rama Deekshithar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

1. Kalyana Roopaya kalou janaanaam,
Kalyana dathre, Karuna sudhabdhe,
Kambhadhi divyayudha sathkaraaya,
Vathalayadheesa namo namasthe.

I salute the Lord of the temple built by wind God,
Who has an auspicious form and grants,
Auspiciousness to people of Kali age,
Who is the ocean of mercy,
And who holds in his hand auspicious weapons like conch.

2. Narayanethyadhi Japadbir uchai,
Bhakthai sadaa poorna mahalayaaya,
Swa theertha gangopama vari magna,
NIvarthithaseesha ruje namasthe.

Salutations to the God who removes sufferings completely,
Who is in the great temple filled with Devotees,
Who keep on chanting loudly the name of Narayana,
And who is immersed in his own sacred waters equal to Ganga.

3. Brahme muhurthe paritha swabhakthai,
Santhushta sarvaothama Viswaroopa,
Swa thaila samsevaka roga hathre,
Vathalayadheesa namo namsthe.

I salute the Lord of the temple built by wind God,
Who reveals his well contented super form,
To his devotees who have assembled in early morning,
And who cured diseases of others if they apply his oil.

4. Baalaan swakeeyaan thava sannidhane,
Divyanna dhanaad paripalayadbhi,
Sad padathbhischa purana rathnam,
Samsevithayasthu namo Hare they.

I serve and salute you Lord Hari,
In whose temple people take care of their children,
By feeding them with the sacred and blessed food of yours,
And where the gem of the epics is constantly read.

5. Nithyanna dhane cha Mahi Surebhya,
Nithyam divisthair nisi poojithaaya,
Mathra cha Pithra cha thadoddhavena,
Sampojithayasthu namo namasthe.

You gave daily food for the Brahmins,
Daily night, Devas came to worship you,
And you were also worshipped by,
Your mother, father and Udhava,
Salutations and salutations to you.

6. Anatharama Aakhyam makhi praneetham,
Stotram Padethyasthu nara sthikalam,
Vathaleyasaya krupaa Bhalena,
Labheth sarvani cha Mangalani

Any human being who reads three times,
This prayer written by Anantharama,
Due to the strength of the mercy of Lord of Guruvayur,
Would get all that are auspicious.

7. Guruvatha puresa panchakskhyam,
Sthuthi rathnam padathaam sumangalam syath,
Hrudhi chapi viseth Hari swayam thu,
Rathi nadha yutha thulya deva kanthi.

All auspiciousness would reach that,
Person who reads this gem of a prayer,
Consisting of five stanzas and Lord Hari,
Would himself reside in their mind,
And his body would shine like the God of love.

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