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Dattatreya Dwadasa Nama Stotram

Dattatreya Dwadasa Nama Stotram
[Prayer of Twelve Names of Dathathreya]
By Sri Vasudevananda Saraswathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[A great prayer written by sage Vasudevananda Saraswathi, who is incarnation of Dathathreya to his devotees.]

Sri Dathathreya Dwadasanama stotrasya Paramahamsa Rishim, Sri Dathathreya Paramathma Devatha, Anushtup chanda, Sakala Kaamaansidhyartham jape viniyoga.

For the prayer of the twelve names of Dathathreya, the sage who composed is Paramahamsa, the god addressed is the divine soul of Dathathreya, the meter is Anushtup and the chanting is done for fulfillment of all my desires.

1. Parthamasthu Maha Yogi, Dwitheeya Prabhureaswara,
Thritheeyastha Trimurthischa, chathurtho Jnana Sagara,
Panchamo Jnana Vijnanam, Sashtyath Sarva Mangalam,
Sapthama Pundarikaaksho, Ashtamo Deva Vallabha,
Navamo Nanda devdeso, Dasamo Nanda dayaka,
Ekadaso Maha Rudro, Dwadaso Karunakara.

The first is the great Yogi, the second is the Lord who is God,
The third is trinity of Gods, fourth is the Ocean of Wisdom,
Fifth is the wisdom of Science, the sixth is all round auspiciousness,
The seventh is the lotus eyed one, the eighth is the leader of Devas,
Ninth is the happy God of devas, tenth is the giver of happiness,
The eleventh is The Great Rudra and the twelfth is the doer of mercy.

2. Yethani dwadasa Namani Dathathreya Mahathmana,
Mathra rajethi Vikhyatham Dathathreya hara para.

These are the twelve names of the great soul Dathathreya
And these are well known as king of Manthras of Dathathreya which destroy enmity.

3. Kshaye Apasmara, Kushtaadhi, Thapajwara nivaranam,
Rajadware Pade Ghore Samgrameshu Jalanthare,
4. Girir Guhanthare Aranye, Vyagra chora Bhayadhishu,
Aavarthan Sahasreshu Labhathe Vanchitham Phalam.

This cures Tuberculosis, Epilepsy, Leprosy and great fever,
In the gate of the palace, horrifying pathways, in war, inside water,
On mountains, insides caves, in forest, during fear of tigers and robbers,
If this is repeated thousand times, then the desired objective would be attained.

5. Trikale ya paden nithyam, Moksha sidhimavapnuyath,
Dathathreya sada Raksheth, Yadha Sathyam na samsaya.

If one reads this thrice per day, he would get salvation,
Dathathreya will always protect him. And without any doubt this is the truth.

6. Vidhyarthi labhathe Vidhyaam, Rogi Rogath pramuchyathe,
Aputhra labhathe puthram, DaridhroLabhathe Dhanam,

A student will get knowledge, a sick person would get cured of sickness,
One who does not have a son will get one and the poor man will get wealth.

7. Abharya labhathe Bharyaam, Sukharthi labhathe Sukham,
Muchyathe Sarva paapebhyo, Sarvadaa Vijyi Bhaveth.

One without wife will get wife, one who craves for pleasant life would get pleasure,
One would get free of all sins and he would always be victorious.

Ithi Sri Datha Dwadasa Nama Stotram sampoornam
Thus ends the prayer of twelve names of Dathathreya

Sri Guru Dathathreya arpanamasthu
This is dedicated to Dathathreya the teacher.

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