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Gowreesa Ashtakam

Gowreesa Ashtakam
[The octet on the Lord of Gowri]
By Sri Chinthamani
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This reads exactly like Bhaja Govindam of Adhi Shankara, but it does not have the same verve, depth and music of that great work.]

Bhaja Gowreesam Bhaja Gowreesam
Bhaja manda mathe,

Sing about Lord of Gowri,
Sing about Lord of Gowri,
Sing Oh dim witted one.

Jala bhava dusthara jaladhi sutharanam
Dhyeyam chithe Shiva hara charanam.
Anyopayam nahi nahi sathyam,
Geyam Shankara Shankara nithyam. (Bhaja Gowreesam ...) 1

The ocean of birth is difficult to cross,
So meditate on the feet of Lord Shiva,
For it is true and true, that there is no other option,
Except singing Shankara, Shankara daily.

Darapathyam kshethram vitham,
Deham geham sarvam anithyam,
Ithi paribhavaya sarva masaaram,
Garbha vikruthya swapna vicharam. (Bhaja Gowreesam ...) 2

Wife, children, estates, wealth,
Body and home are all temporary,
Thinking like this, all are insignificant,
And this play of birth is only a thought in the dream.

Maya vaichithye punaravruthi,
Punarapi janani jatarithpathi,
Punarapyasakulitham jataram kim,
Nahi munjasi kadhayeschitham. (Bhaja Gowreesam ....) 3

If you again fill your mind with illusion,
You would to be born from the mother again,
And why this sorrow and suffering of the body again,
If you tell your mind, do not think of this stomach.

Maya kalpithamaindram jalam,
Na hi thath sathyam drushti vikaram,
Jnanthe thathwe sarvamasaaram
Ma kuru, Ma kuru vishaya vicharam. (Bhaja Gowreesam ...) 4

This world is a magical trick created by illusion,
And what you see or feel is not the truth,
And once you know the truth, all others are insignificant,
Do not do, do not do the thought of pleasures.

Rajjou sarpa bramanaropa,
Sthadwad brahmaani jagadaropa,
Mithya maya moha vikaram,
Manasi vicharaya bharam bharam. (Bhaja Gowreesam ...) 5

Like you mistake the rope as a snake.
The earth is mistaken as Brahmam,
And this is due to deceit, illusion and passion,
Think about this in your mind again and again.

Adhwara koti Ganga gamanam,
Kuruthe yogam Chondriya dhamanam,
Jnana viheena sarva mathena na,
Bhavathi muktho janama sathena. (Bhaja Gowreesam ...) 6

Crores of Yagnas and going to Ganga,
And performance of the control of senses,
Does not free even in hundred births,
The one without Jnana, from this illusion.

Soham hamso brahmaivaham,
Shudhananda sthathwa paroham,
Adhwaithoham sanga viheene
Chaindriya, aathmani nikhile leene, (Bhaja Gowreesam ... ) 7

When you get out of the bondage and merge with Brahmam,
You get immersed in pure joy outside philosophical thoughts,
And realize you are the one and there is no two or company,
And what you are is the mingling of senses and the soul.

Shankara kimkara maa kuru chitham,
Chinthamanirna virachithametham,
Ya sad bhakthya patathi hi nithyam,
Brahmani leeno bhavathi hi sathyam. (Bhaja Gowreesam .... ) 8

Oh, servant of God Shiva, do not get worried,
If you read with devotion daily,
This which is composed by Chithamani,
Truly you would merge with ultimate Brahmam.

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