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Thulasi Stotram [Tamil]

Thulasi Stotram [Tamil]
Prayer to Thulasi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Thulasi or the holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum / Ocimum sanctum) is possibly the holiest plant to the Hindus. They consider the plant as the consort of Vishnu. Without fail, most of the Hindu homes would maintain a Thulasi plant. This great prayer is a very popular prayer written in Tamil.]

Thulasiyamma. Thiruve, kalyaniamma,
Velli kizhamai thannil vilangukindra mathave,
Chevvai kizhamai chezhikka vanda chendiruve,
Thayare undan thal inayil naan paninden. 1

Oh mother Thulasi, Oh Goddess Lakshmi, Oh mother who does good,
Oh mother who shines brightly on Fridays,
Oh goddess Lakshmi who has come to make Tuesdays better,
Oh mother, I am bowing my head at your feet.

Pachai pasumayulla Thulasi namasthe,
Parimalikkum moola kozhunde namasthe,
Arpa pirappai thavirppay, namasthe,
Ashta aisvaryam alippay namasthe. 2

Salutations to Thulasi who looks exuberant in green colour,
Salutations to the original leaf which gives out scent,
Please avoid debased future lives for me, Salutations,
Please grant me eight types of wealth, salutations.

Hariyudaya devi azhagi, namasthe,
Adaintharkku inbam alippay, namasthe,
Vana malai yenum maruve, namasthe.
Vaikunda vasiyudan magizhvay, namasthe. 3

Oh pretty one who is wife of Lord Vishnu, salutations,
Please give happiness to those who reach you, salutations,
Oh plant, who is called the forest garland, salutations,
Please be happy with lord who lives in Vaikunta, salutations.

Anbudane nalla arum Thulasi kondu vandu,
Mannil mel nattu magizhndu, neeruthi,
Muthathil thaan valarthu, muthu pol, kolamittu,
Chengavi chuthum ittu, thiruvilakkum yethi vaithu, 4

Pazhangaludan thengayum, thambulam thattil vaithu,
Pushapangalai chorindu, poojitha pergalukku,
Yenna payan yendru, hrishikesan thaan ketka,
Mangalamana Thulasi magizhndu uraippal. 5

When Lord Vishnu asked, what will result to those,
Who bring the good sacred Thulasi plant,
Plant it in soil happily, pour water to it,
Grow it in one�s courtyard, decorate with pearl like Rangoli,
Decorate it further on all sides by red soil, light a lamp,
Place before it in a plate plantains, coconut and betel leaf,
And offer lots of flowers, the holy Thulasi happily replied.

Mangalami yennai vaithu magizhndu upasithavargal,
Thee vinyai pokki, chiranda palan naan alippen,
Arum piniyai neeki, ashta aiswaryam naan alippen,
Daridrathai neeki chelvathai naan koduppen, 6

Puthran illavathavarku puthira bhagayamalippen,
Kannigaikal poojai cheydhal, nalla kanavarai kootuvippen,
Grahasthargal poojai cheydhal keerthiyudan vazha vaippen,
Mumukshukkal poojai cheydhal moksha padam koduppen. 7

For those who serve and pray me with happiness and holiness,
I would remove their bad fate and bless them with good results,
I would remove their illness and bless them with eight types of wealth,
I would remove their poverty and give them wealth,
For those who do not have sons, I would bless them with sons,
If maids worship me, I would bless them with good husbands,
If family people worship me, I would make them live with great fame,
If those who have forsaken the world worship me, I would bless them with salvation,

Kodi karaam pasuvai kandrudane kondu vanthu,
Kombukku pon amaithu, kulambukku velli ketti,
Gangai karai thanile, Grahana punya kalathil,
Val uruvi anthanarkku maha danam cheydha palan, 8

Nan alippen sathiyam yendru nayagiyum chollalume,
Appadiyeyakavendru Thirumal arikkai ittar,
Ippadiye anbudane yethi thozhuthavargal,
Arpudamai vazhnthiduvar para devi than arulal. 9

When the Goddess told that she will give same effect as,
Giving away to Brahmins in the shores of Ganges river,
During the eclipse, one billion cows under lactation,
Along with its calf, tying the horns of each with gold plate,
And tying each of their hooves with silver plate,
Then Lord Vishnu said 'let it happen like that',
And so those who worship the goddess this way,
Would lead a wonderful life, by her grace.

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