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Sai Prayer

Prayer to Sai
Translation By P. R. Ramachander
[Here is a very beautiful prayer to Sai Baba of Shirdi in Hindi)

Dheena Dukhiyom se Prem Kao,
Sai Prasanna Hoga,
Prem Karo, Prem Karo, Prem Karo,
Sai Prasanna hoga,

Love the oppressed,
Love those who are sad,
Sai would be pleased with you,
Love, love and Love,
Sai would be pleased with you.

Sai Meraa, Main theraa,
Yeh prem ki bhakthi dhara,
sai prem ki bhakthi dhara

Sai belongs to me,
And I belong to Sai,
This is the stream of love,
This is the stream of love of Sai.

Dhayaa karo, Kripa karo, Sai
Raksha karo, Mere Sai,
Raksha karo, Mere Sai

Oh Sai, Show kindness, show mercy,
Oh my Sai, protect me,
Oh, my Sai, protect me.

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