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Surya Stotram

Surya Stotram
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a rare and effective prayer addressed to the Sun God.]

1. Om Sapthaswaam Samaruhya, aruna saradhi muthamam,
Swetha padma daram, devam Thwaam Suryam pranamamyaham.

Om, I salute you God Surya, who rides on seven horses,
Along with great Aruna as charioteer,
And who has a white lotus flower in his hand.

2. Bandhuka pushpa sankasam, Haara kundala Bhooshanam,
Yeka cchakradharam, devam Thwaam Suryam pranamamyaham.

I salute You God Surya, who is like the flower of Bandhuka tree (Terminalia Tomentosa),
Who wears the necklaces and ear studs and who holds one discuss.

3. Lohitha Swarna sankasam, Sarva loka Pithamaham,
Sarva vyadhi haram, devam Thwaam Suryam pranamamyaham.

I salute You God Surya, who is similar to reddish gold,
Who is grandfather of all world and one who cures al diseases.

4. Thwam Deva, Easwara . Sakra, Brahma Vishnu, Maheswararat,
Param dharmam param jnanam, devam Thwaam Suryam pranamamyaham.

I salute You God Surya for you are devas, God, Indra, Brahma,
Vishnu and Lord of Gods Shiva and divine Dharma and divine knowledge.

5. Thwam Deva loka Karthaa, cha keerthyathma, karanamsukam,
Thejo rudradaram devaam, Thwaam Suryam pranamamyaham.

I salute You God Surya For you are the doer of land of gods,
The famous one, the friendly sun god and the God who is lustrous and carried Rudra.

6. Pruthvyathajo Vayuschaa aathmaa apya aakasameva cha,
Sarvajnam Sri Jaganadham, devam Thwaam Suryam pranamamyaham.

I salute You God Surya who is spread over earth, the soul of wind,
Water as will as the ether, the all knowing one and Lord of Universe.

7. Akhanda mandalakaaram vyaptham yena characharam,
Gaganalingamaaradhyam, Thwaam Suryam pranamamyaham.

I salute You God Surya, spread all over universe and so also,
Among moving and non moving beings who worships the Shiva Linga in the sky.

8. Nirmalam, nirvikalpam cha nirvikaram niramayam,
Jagat Kartha jagat hartha, Thwaam Suryam pranamamyaham.

I salute You God Surya, who is pure, free from change,
Without emotions, infallible and doer and destroyer of the world.

9. Surya stotram japan nithyam, graham peedaa vinasanam,
Dhanam Dhanyam Mano vaanchham sriya prapnothi nithyasa.

This prayer of Sun God if read daily, would destroy sufferings due to planets,
And would lead to wealth, cereals, fulfillment of desires and prosperity.

10. Shiva rathri sahasreshu kruthwaa jagaranam bhaveth,
Yath phalam labhathe sarvam tham vaai Suryasya darasanthh.

The effect of waking up entire night for thousand Shiva Rathris,
Can be got, by seeing Lord Sun once.

11. Yekadasi sahasrani sankranthyayutha meva cha,
Saptha kotisu darseshu, that phalam surya darsanth.

The effect of observing thousand Ekadasi as well as Sankranthi,
Or observing Seven crores of New moon, can be got by seeing Lord Sun once.

12. Aswa koti sahasrani, vajapeya sathani cha,
Koti kanya pradhaanaani thath phalam Surya darsanth.

The effect of performing one thousand crores Aswa Medha,
One hundred Vajapeya a giving away of one crore maidens can be got by seeing the Sun once.

13. Gaya pinda param dhane pithroonaam cha samudharam,
Drustwaa hyajneswaram devam thath phalam samavapnuyath.

The effect of Charity after giving Gaya Pindam and releasing the manes,
Would be secured by seeing this god who is the chief of fire sacrifice.

14. Agryeswara samopetho somanadha sthadaiva cha,
Kaidharamudhakam peethwaa punarjanma na vidhyathe.

Offering to God who possesses the moon and later,
Drinking the sacred water of Kedara would avoid rebirths.

15. Surya stotram paden nithyam yeka chitha samahitha,
Dukha daridrya nirmukthaa surya lokam cha Gachathi.

If this prayer to the Sun god is read with full concentration of mind,
Would free us from sorrow and poverty and at the end take you to Land of Sun.

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