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Ganesha Swapna Geetham

Ganesha Swapna Geetham
[Song for retiring addressed to Ganesha]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This song of eight verses is sung at night before closing the doors of the temple of Ganesha. It requests him to sleep sweetly.]

1. Kailasa Shikara varekaarthaswara kalithe,
Kalyana nava Sadane kalabhamukha, seshva sukham,

Oh Lord who lives on top of Kailasa, who is blessed with immeasurable gold,
Oh God with elephant face, who lives in the new auspicious home, sleep pleasantly.

2. Aamodha varthi yuthe Abhirama chithra chithe,
Aananda nilayavare Hasthimukha, Seshva sukham.

Oh God who is in joyful mood, who is the attractive bright heap,
Oh elephant faced one who is the home of happiness, sleep pleasantly.

3. Manche manikalithe mrudu lopa dhaana yuthe,
Mandara suma Sayane madana Sama seshva sukham.

Oh God who sleeps on gem studded bed,
Who is strong and one who gives charity,
Oh God who lies down on the bed of Mandhara flowers,
Oh God who is equal to the God of love, sleep pleasantly.

4. Kalaagarudhoopa yuthe, karpoora dheepa grahe,
Kanthayalingathayaa karivadana, Seshva sukham.

Oh God who is the son of Lord Shiva and is with a deadly snake,
In the house shining in the light of Camphor,
Oh elephant faced god hugged by his wife, sleep pleasantly.

5. Bukthwaa madhra phalam Modhaka Sathena yutham,
Peethwaa cha dugdham idham bhuvanesa, Seshwa sukham

Eating sweet fruits along with one hundred modhakas,
And drinking milk, oh Lord of the universe, sleep pleasantly.

6. Kundalani gooda thate konathrithayena yuthe,
Moole kamala dale mangaladha, Seshwa sukham.

Oh God who is in the place of three angles in the path of Kundalani,
And who auspiciously occupies his own petal of lotus, sleep pleasantly.

7. Saharara thama rase Satha chandra kanthiyuthe,
Sri neela alolitha ratha Shiva thanaya, Seshwa sukham.

Oh Lord who shines like one hundred moons on the thousand petal lotus flower,
Oh Son of Lord Shiva who has the blue moving Chariot, sleep pleasantly.

8. Rakendu soudha vare Omkara manchathale,
Hreemkara devathayaa danthi mukha, Seshwa sukham.

Oh God who lies on the cot of Om in the house of full moon,
And who is the God of Hreem with an elephant face, sleep pleasantly.

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