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Lakshmi Aarthi

Lakshmi Aarthi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

1. Jai Lakshmi mata,
Maiyaa jaya Lakshmi mata,
Tumko nish din dyavath,
Hara Vishnu vidathaa

Victory to mother Lakshmi,
Victory to mother goddess Lakshmi,
Vishnu and Shiva pray to you day and night daily.

2. Brahmani, Rudarani kamala,
Thoo hee hai jaga mathaa,
Surya chandrama dhyavatha,
Narada rishi gatha.

You are the consort of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu,
You are the mother of the universe,
Sun God and moon God pray to you
And sage Narada sings about you.

3. Durgaa roopa niranthara,
Suka sampathi dathaa,
Jo koi thumko dhyavataa,
Ridhi sidhi dhan pathaa

You always have the form of Durga
You give comforts and wealth,
And to him who prays to you,
You grant prosperity, power and monetary wealth.

4. Thu hi hai patala basanthi,
Thu hi shubha dathaa,
Karma prabhava prakasaka,
Jaga nidhi ke trathaa

You only live in the land of Patala,
You are the one who gives good things,
You glorify the results of Karma,
And you are the protector of worldly wealth.

5. Jis ghar mein thu rahthi,
Saba sadguna aatha,
Kar sake koi kar le,
Mana nahi gabaratha

In the home where you live,
All good characters subsist,
And there people would do what they can,
Without their mind getting afraid.

6. Thuma bin yagya na hove,
Vasthra na koi patha,
Khana paana ka vaibhav,
Saba thum say hi aatha.

Without you no sacrifice can be performed,
And without you one does not get cloths,
And also money for eating and drinking,
For all these come from you.

7. Shubha guna mandhira Sundara,
Ksheerodhadhi jaathaa,
Ratana chathurdasa thum hi,
KOi nahi patha.

Oh Goddess born out of milk ocean,
Oh pretty temple of all virtues,
You are the fourteen types of precious gems,
Which no one else has got.

8. Aarthi Lakshmi ji kee,
Jo koi nara gatha,
Ura ananda umanga aathi,
Papa Uthara jathaa.

To the man who sings,
This aarthi of Goddess Lakshmi,
Joy and ebbing happiness will result,
And all his sins would be pardoned.

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