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Panchadashi Unit - L01: Teaching Others

Module - L
Unit L01: Teaching Others
By Raja Subramaniyan

On completion of this unit, the student-teacher will be able to
(a) Understand the type of people who can be taught
(b) Understand the how non-seekers can be taught

Notes to the teacher: (Ref 12.01 and 12.90 of the original text)

The teacher should apply the teachings in this chapter on the students and classify them on how much they can absorb. It is advisable to divide the class into smaller groups and teach them according to their level.

Unit Test:
1. What are the three types of people who do not yet seek the teaching?
2. What are the prescribed steps through which the non-seekers could be taught?
3. List the ten differences between the love for self and the love for others.
4. Why we do not live joyfully if it is true that our basic nature is happiness?
5. Is consciousness and happiness are two different attributes of SELF?

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