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Panchadashi Lesson - K0104: Deep Sleep

Module - K
Unit - K01
Lesson K0104: Deep Sleep experience of Original Happiness
By Raja Subramaniyan

Due to ignorance people assume that happiness is either external or internal. They do not know that the source of happiness is SELF which is enlivening them. However, they do experience this everyday during deep sleep.

The process of falling into sleep:

During the waking stage, our intelligence is fully functional and controls our mind. Our mind is also alert and controls the functioning of all the five sense organs and the five action organs. In this stage, the EGO, which is the reflection of SELF, has complete clarity and the reflection overshadows the original.

In an intoxicated state or when one is mentally tired, the intelligence loses its control over mind. The EGO is in a melted state. Therefore, one does not claim to be the doer during this state. The EGO resigns to the fact that the actions are being done without it doing them.

It is not possible to sleep when the intelligence is fully alert and the EGO is highly active. However, this state does not continue for long. When one retires to bed, slowly the intelligence loses its control and starts disappearing.

At this stage, our sense organs will be functional but EGO is weak to perform any task. It cannot become the tip of the spear and gather knowledge. Therefore, we hear a voice but do not comprehend the meaning. Similarly, even if we talk, our words will be incoherent. This is a sign of withdrawal of intelligence.

When the intelligence is fully withdrawn, the mind starts losing control of our sense organs and action organs. Suddenly our hand or leg may tremble and move involuntarily. After the cessation of the functioning of the sense organs, mind does not get any inputs from the environment. It plunges into its internal thoughts which are accumulated in the past. Such thoughts come in random order and appear as dream. A dream world is created by the uncontrolled mind and the EGO assumes the role of the dreamer. The EGO goes through various experiences during the dream state, which lasts as long as the mind is active.

When the mind is fully withdrawn, one enters deep sleep. At this stage the EGO, the reflection of SELF, merges into the original completely.

One enters the deep sleep stage and returns to the original nature of ever witnessing joy. Deep sleep is always joyful for everyone. Every one recalls that he slept peacefully. Recollection presupposes prior experience. One is aware of nothing. One knows that the mind and intelligence have completely dissolved.

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