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Panchadashi Unit - K01: Understanding the Unity

Module - K
Unit K01: Understanding the Unity
By Raja Subramaniyan

On completion of this unit, the student will be able to

(a) Understand that unity of the truth and diversity of the illusion.
(b) See that multiple levels of happiness are mere reflections of our original nature and live joyfully.

Notes to the teacher: (Ref 11.001 and 11.134 of the original text)

This chapter is titled as Bliss of Yoga. The Yoga is to be explained as the process of identifying multiple objects of the world with the single source ONE.

Students are aware of the universe since they perceive it with their five senses. They do not perceive nor do they have the knowledge of existence of the ONE. Through the known universe they need to be taught about the unknown ONE and shown that the known universe is an illusion and hitherto unknown ONE is the only reality.

Unit Test:

1. Why do people seek fulfillment?
2. What are the five mistakes committed by most people?
3. What is the only way of overcoming these five mistakes?
4. What are all the difference between a wise person and others?
5. What are all the four different levels in which we experience pleasure and pain?
6. Why does the Holy Scriptures refer to most people as 'children'?
7. What is the three-fold division of the single source of joy?
8. Is it possible to go beyond this three fold division and enjoy our natural happiness?
9. How do we prove that joy is our basic nature?
10. Discuss the relationship among three types of happiness, namely Original Happiness, External Happiness and Internal Happiness.
11. Explain the process of falling into deep sleep.
12. Explain the movement of EGO as described through the example of ice berg.
13. How do we know that there is a Happiness Sheath?
14. Why the vision of a wise man is compared with single vision of the crow?
15. How the life of a wise man is compared with the experience of a man standing in the river?

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