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Panchadashi Lesson - J0104: Oneness of Universe

Module - J
Unit - J01
Lesson J0104: Oneness of the Universe
By Raja Subramaniyan

We need to understand the oneness of the universe and its illusory nature. Universe is inert. The ONE on which the universe is superimposed is the conscious principle.

We are aware that we are conscious. Therefore, we are the ONE. It is not possible to understand the all pervasiveness of the ONE or the eternal nature of ONE because even 'space' and 'time' are part of the illusion.

Example: An archeologist found a coin belonging to the period 2008 BC

It is not right to expect the coin to bear the year '2008 BC', since in 2008 BC it is not known that Christ will be born 2000 years hence. Similarly, Direct Knowledge of ONE does not mean that we will perceive ONE in the same way we perceive other objects of the universe.

The Scriptures and competent teachers do not reveal us the ONE. They merely tell us that we cannot understand ONE. Our search to find the truth of ONE will end when we realize that we are the ONE. To learn that there is nothing to learn we need the help of the Scriptures and competent teachers.

Example: In an airport, before boarding the plane one has to identify his baggage. This identification process does not bring about a new suitcase. It merely requires one to make a claim, "This is mine", pointing at a suitcase which belongs to him all the time.

Similarly, the Scriptures and competent teachers do not create any new entity within us. They merely help us to claim, "I am ONE" after realizing that we were ONE all the time.

If the dance movement turns out to be bad, the dancer will blame the audience. Similarly, if our mind has anger, sorrow and such negative thought patterns, the mind will blame the sense objects of the universe. It is natural that the sense objects determine the thought patterns.

The dancer will continue to impress the audience by her dancing skills. Similarly, our mind will continue to entertain thoughts that are focused on satisfying the pull of the sense objects.

The dancer will continue to dance to the mood of the audience. Similarly, it is natural that our mind continues to sway in tune with the objects that we experience. It is not possible nor expected that we stop the movement of thoughts in our mind. The dance of the universe is unstoppable and eternal. The thought pattern in our mind is the part of this universal dance.

Instead of attempting to stop or modify the dance by controlling the dancer one should resign the post of the director and assume the role of the witness. The truth is that the dancer never had any intention to dance according to the wishes of the director. The director is deluded to think that the dance movements of the dancer reflect his direction. In reality, a light and sound show is happening and we are the changeless conscious principle which merely supports the ever-changing illusion.

If we identify ourselves with the dancer, then we will swing between positive and negative emotions as determined by the audience. If we identify ourselves with our true position, the lamp that illumines the entire show, we can enjoy the show and be always joyful.

Example: The words 'day' and 'night' do not have any meaning if we are living in the sun.

Similarly, for a wise person who has identified himself with the sun, the words 'pleasure' and 'pain' have no meaning.

Life is an entertainment. The sense objects will continue to dictate the physical and mental action. I remain unaffected as I am the joyful witnessing consciousness. I will not own up the dance performance but my role is limited to illumining the dance.

There is a break/interval between each dance item. The stage setting is changed for the next performance. The very same dancer comes back in a different costume. Similarly, there is a break/ interval between death and birth. The physical body is changed after every death. The very same mind comes back in the new body and the dance continues. This is the eternal dance of all the living beings until they attain liberation through gaining knowledge.

The creation is the eternal dance of God. There is nothing to change or control in this dance. My physical body and mind are part of this dance. I am not the dancer. I am the witness of this illusion.

Example: If there is replica of a tiger in my room, I will not be able to live peacefully unless I understand that it is a model. As long as I think that it is a real tiger, I will not be able to sleep.

Similarly, as long as we do not know that the world is an illusion, we will continue to suffer. When we realize the real nature of the world, life will become joyful.

There is nothing more to learn and nothing more to do. One shall enjoy life, which is a well integrated part of the illusory movement. One does not have any duties or responsibilities. Changes are part of the illusion and we are the changeless joyful witnessing consciousness.

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