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Panchadashi Lesson - I0101: Stages in Knowing ONE

Module - I
Unit - I01
Lesson I0101: Stages in knowing ONE
By Raja Subramaniyan

All activities carried out by all human beings are always directed towards the only goal, Joyful Living, which can come about only when we know ONE. A large part of the journey towards Joyful Living involves refining the mind which happens intentionally or incidentally through these actions. People are bound to do action at all times. Such actions sharpen their mind making it eligible to inquire on the true nature of ONE.

Until this happens, people assume that they are working for the next meal, next promotion or for fulfilling any such materialistic objectives. Only after sufficient refinement of the mind, do people turn their attention towards inquiring about the nature of God/ ONE.

The Scriptures describe the nature of ONE. However, understanding these descriptions varies depending on the level of intelligence.

Stage 1: Not accepting the presence of ONE

Whatever is known is always changing. Everything had a beginning and will end one day. In this first stage, people are sure that there is nothing that is unchanging and eternal.

Stage 2: Accepting the possibility of the presence of ONE

When they hear from the Scriptures about the existence of ONE, which is unchanging and eternal, they start wondering about the possibility of its presence.

Stage 3: Knowing for sure of the existence of ONE

After completing the systematic of study of the Scriptures, people come to the conclusion that there is ONE, which is unchanging and eternal. However they are not able to declare with confidence that 'I am that ONE'

Stage 4: Knowing, 'I am ONE'

After the practice of Inner Transformation involving meditation on the knowledge, 'I am that ONE', they become steady on the knowledge and declare, 'I am the unchanging and eternal ONE'.

People refine their mind continuously by involving in various actions across many lifetimes, until they are mature enough to start the process of knowing ONE. Refined minds, which are capable of receiving the truth about ONE, will ultimately reach the destination of Joyful Living.

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