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Panchadashi Lesson - G0548: Change Others

Module - G
Unit - G05
Lesson G0548: The enlightened does not attempt to change others
By Raja Subramaniyan

The world will continue to be a mixture of people of different types. The mental maturity and the knowledge of the enlightened one is a very rare type. Therefore, the enlightened one has to live among others who are somewhere down in the spiritual ladder. Since he is aware of the difficulties of climbing the ladder and reaching the top, he understands and appreciates the position of the others around him.

Example: There is no happiness from watching TV. Although the enlightened one may or may not watch TV, he will understand why others spend hours watching a substandard show.

Everyone will function according to his level of understanding of the truth. Therefore, the enlightened one will not criticize them.

He knows that he is complete. Everyone else is involved in some action or other for getting fulfillment. Although they are ignorant and will not get fulfillment from their action, he will not prevent them from action.

Example: A one-year-old child attempts to reach the chocolate box kept on a table. We know that the box is empty. If the child succeeds in reaching the box, it will be disappointed. Still we may not prevent the child from making the attempt since we are aware the attempt of the child is not wasted. It has given it motivation to perform better. The effort will help the child to stand up and walk.

Similarly, although the ignorant may not get what they want from their action, they will gain the mental maturity from their experience, which is an essential requirement for gaining the ultimate knowledge.

Example: Looking at the child, attempting to take the chocolate box, we can feel so happy that we are much stronger and capable than the child. We do not have to struggle like the child since we are physically better off.

In addition, we have the knowledge that the box is empty. Therefore, even if we are capable, we will not reach for the box.

Similarly, looking at the ignorant people chasing material gains, the enlightened will feel the happiness that he does not have to struggle like them. In addition, since he knows that the world does not offer any happiness, it does not attract him anymore.

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