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Panchadashi Lesson - G0547: Gain

Module - G
Unit - G05
Lesson G0547: The enlightened does not have anything to gain
By Raja Subramaniyan

People are looking forward to gain something or other all the time. This is because they assume that the happiness lies out there and they are supposed to get it by gaining wealth, power, position etc. However, the enlightened knows that he is Ever Witnessing Joy and does not have to gain any worldly object (since there is no happiness in them and he does not need any)

There is subtle difference in the way enlightened person enjoys life. In general, the happiness from the worldly objects is sense pleasure. An enlightened person will also enjoy the sense pleasure but his happiness comes from his wisdom.

When the world provides positive environment he enjoys them. When it provides negative environment, he is aware that his real self is not affected by it. Therefore, he continues to be happy.

Example: When some one insults an enlightened person, he will not be upset. He is aware that person is not capable of behaving in any other way.

Thus, the enlightened people have a shock absorber in the form of right knowledge so that the unfavorable events of the world do not lead to suffering.

He will always be thinking that there is nothing more to be done or nothing more to gain. He will always keep referring that how one was bound in the past and feel relieved that he is no longer bound.

Example: If our flight is being hijacked in the dream, when we wake up, we are very happy that it is not real. We may even think back about the dream and thank god that it was a dream.

In the similar way, the enlightened person enjoys every moment of his life. It is like being in the dream, knowing that it is a dream. He can enjoy all positive events and ignore the negative events as dream.

Whatever be the environment, one accepts it as the result of his actions in the past. There is nothing to complain about and there is nothing to look forward. Whatever one has sowed will be reaped. The advantage is one is no longer affected by the unfavorable environment and enjoy the life all the time.

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