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Panchadashi Lesson - G0546: No Duties

Module - G
Unit - G05
Lesson G0546: The enlightened has no duties
By Raja Subramaniyan

Normally people are involved in three types of action.

People act to succeed in this world. This will be in the form of getting educated, working in a job or doing business, and raising a family.

People act to perform different religious rituals. This will be in the form of going to temple, giving alms, serving the poor and observing penances.

People act to gain ultimate knowledge. This will be in the form of serving a teacher, Inquire, Introspect and do meditation for Inner-Transformation. This is more time consuming and more difficult than the first two.

Since the enlightened person has realized the ultimate, he does not have any such duties.

He does not have to do anything to succeed in the world since he is aware that the world is an illusion. He is also aware that the results of his past actions will take care of his survival until death. Therefore, he does not have to do anything.

He does not have to follow any religious rituals since he has gained the required mental maturity. (The main purpose of rituals is to develop mental maturity that is required for gaining the ultimate knowledge). Since he has already gained knowledge he does not have to follow any rituals.

He does not have to study under a teacher since he has already gained the ultimate knowledge.

Thus, the enlightened has no duties at all.

However, the enlightened one may keep himself busy with some action or other. Such action comes because of his preferences and not for fulfilling any selfish desires.

When it is said that the enlightened does not have any duties it just means that he has the option to act or not to act. In either way, he cannot be questioned.

The nature of action will also vary from person to person and will depend on his personal preferences. There are no set rules that an enlightened person will behave in a particular way.

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