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Panchadashi Lesson - G0543: Continuation of Suffering

Module - G
Unit - G05
Lesson G0543: Reasons for the continuation of suffering even after gaining self-knowledge
By Raja Subramaniyan

The effect of the prolonged state of ignorance lasts for a while even after its removal through obtaining knowledge.

Example: Even after realizing that the there is no real snake; the shivering caused by the imaginary snake lasts for a while.

When the pedaling of the cycle is completely stopped, the cycle will continue running for while due to inertia. Similarly, the effect of the ignorance will continue even after obtaining knowledge.

Knowledge gained is permanent but it could slip occasionally.

It is a paradigm shift when one moves from ignorance to wisdom. The world which, appeared to be real for the ignorant, has suddenly become an illusion. Nevertheless, this knowledge may slip occasionally.

This is due to the insufficient control over the mind. If the mind is not trained to be steady, it will oscillate. Even after knowing the truth that the world is an illusion, the mind might get distracted if it is not trained adequately.

Example: Even after returning to peace in a country where war was going on for a while, simple crackers will be construed as resumption of gunshots. Although it is known that the war has ended, one will become anxious on hearing the cracker sound.

The sound of the cracker will not change the situation from peace to war. Nevertheless, it might create the effect of the war on the weak-minded people. Similarly, an event of the world might affect a week-minded person, even if he knows that the world is an illusion.

Therefore, in order to enjoy the Joyful Living fully, one has to practice sufficient meditation. One should meditate on the truth that the world is an illusion and does not have capability to hurt his real self.

Ignorance goes but suffering to the three bodies continues until the end of the current lifetime.

Normally when we remove the cause, the effect will go. The cause for suffering is the ignorance. Once we gain the knowledge, the ignorance goes. However, the effect of the ignorance, namely, the suffering to the three bodies continues until the end of the current lifetime. This is due to the results of the past actions done prior to gaining the knowledge.

Example: One hits himself on the tree and cries over the misfortune of losing the tenth man. When he realizes the truth, he stops crying and start rejoicing. Nevertheless, the suffering caused by the wound on the head will continue to hurt for a while.

Similarly, the knowledge removes all the accumulated results of the past actions except those that have taken the effect.

Example: The arrow already released from the bow cannot be stopped.

Similarly, the effects of the past action that has started to take effect will continue to affect.

However, such suffering will be ignored since the ultimate knowledge is gained.

Example: If the valet is lost with lots of cash, we will be very happy to recover the cash, even if the valet is not regained.

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