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Panchadashi Lesson - G0541: Removal of Suffering

Module - G
Unit - G05
Lesson G0541: Removal of apparent suffering
By Raja Subramaniyan

The sufferings of the body do not belong to the EGO. The EGO itself does not have a reality. It is just a reflection of ONE. ONE is pure and changeless. There is no cause for the EGO to suffer if this truth is understood. Instead, the EGO takes itself very seriously and suffers. Once the truth is realized, it will be a matter of shame to look back our behavior during the days of ignorance.

Example: A person runs away from a rope thinking it is a snake. When the truth about the snake is known, he will feel ashamed.

It is not possible to kill the snake, which does not have absolute reality. One can act as if the snake is killed by stamping the rope. Similarly, the suffering of the bodies belongs to the world of illusion. It is only possible to use the various medical facilities that are available in the illusory world so that the illusory pain is reduced or eliminated.

Effect of the Removal of apparent suffering:

Since for a long time the EGO has attached itself with the bodies it cannot be relived of the sufferings from the body soon after realizing that it is attached to the ONE.

Example: A master wrongly concludes that, his servant is a thief and hands him over to police. However, later he comes to know the truth that the servant is innocent and honest. The master says, 'sorry' and takes him back as servant. However, the feeling of guilt will continue for sometime.

It is not possible to be relived of the mistake committed, instantly. In fact if the master took long time to realize the truth, the feeling of guilt will last long. If he was to realize his mistake within few hours, he will feel relived very soon.

The EGO has committed the mistake of identifying itself with the bodies for a long time. Therefore, it will take a while for it to be relieved from the bodily afflictions. It has to do meditation on the truth (that it is but a reflection of ONE) for a long time to erase the earlier misidentification.

Practice after realization:

It is important for us to behave like ONE when we realize that we are not the body but ONE.

Example: The king names his first son to be his next successor. The prince might have behaved irresponsibly upto that point. However once he has been named as the successor to the throne, he has to start functioning like a king. He has to meet the high standards in all the essential qualities of a king. If he does not show the maturity to be the next king, his father might change his mind and nominate someone else to become the king.

Similarly, once we realize that we are ONE, we should stop being irresponsible. We can no longer identify ourselves with the body and suffer its afflictions. We should consciously change our life style to be worthy of a realized person.

This conscious practice will slowly relive us from the clutches of the earlier bondage. Our identification with the bodies will be dissolved in due course of time, if we are to be firm in our conviction of our new position.

Once the knowledge becomes steady, we will lead a Joyful Living.

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