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Panchadashi Lesson - G0539: Removal of Suffering

Module - G
Unit - G05
Lesson G0539: Removal of the suffering
By Raja Subramaniyan

It should be understood that it is the nature of the body to suffer. There is no way the suffering and the body could be separated.

Example: The patient tells the doctor, "Please ensure that I do not get any problems in my right hand". The doctor replies, "The only way I can do that is to remove your right hand".

However, we need not suffer due to these natural changes in the bodies, if we analyze our true nature.

There are three truths, which constitute the meaning of the word "I". They are,
ONE, which is pure existence
EGO, which is the reflection of ONE
Three bodies, which is inherently prone to suffering

The subtle body is the reflecting medium, which reflects ONE and the reflection is called EGO. This reflection enlivens the body and gives it the semblance of life.

Without knowing this truth, the EGO assumes that the body is pure and problem free just like the ONE.

Example: The sun light is reflected in the gutter. An onlooker ignorantly assumes that the brightness that is coming from the gutter belongs to the dirty objects floating in the gutter.

EGO does the similar mistake.

Suffering is naturally associated with our bodies and the only way to remove them is to become immune to them by applying knowledge.

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