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Panchadashi Lesson - G0430: Enjoyer

Module - G
Unit - G04
Lesson G0430: Meaning of the word 'enjoyer'
By Raja Subramaniyan

Is the enjoyer ONE or EGO or a combination of ONE and EGO?

ONE, who is not related to anything in the creation, cannot be the enjoyer. In order for someone to be called as an enjoyer, one has to have some relationship with the object of enjoyment.

Example: Music can be enjoyed only by those listen to it. Food can be enjoyed only by those who eat it.

The following three facts are involved in any experience.

The conscious principle (the enjoyer)
Object of enjoyment
Experience of enjoyment

There has to be a change in the enjoyer during the experience of pleasure or pain. Since ONE is changeless, it cannot be the enjoyer.

It is seen that in order to be an enjoyer, one has to be a conscious principle and at the same time, it should be changing in nature. Our EGO then is a perfect candidate for being an enjoyer. However, there is a major issue in this regard.

EGO does not exist independently. EGO is a reflection of ONE in our mind.

Example: A light is reflected in a mirror. The reflection can illumine the objects around. However, it is not possible for the reflected light to exist without the original source.

Similarly, we cannot say EGO is the enjoyer since it does not have the capability to exist without the support of the ONE.

Therefore, we need to assume that the enjoyer is the combination of EGO and ONE. We can safely state the EGO, which is substantiated by ONE, is the enjoyer.

Presence of an enjoyer is acknowledged by all. Through the above discussion, it is now established that the enjoyer is the EGO supported by ONE.

Statement 42: The combination of EGO and ONE is the enjoyer.

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