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Panchadashi Lesson - G0325: Wise Live Joyfully

Module - G
Unit - G03
Lesson G0325: Wise live joyfully with desires
By Raja Subramaniyan

Desire causes misery. Nevertheless, the wise people also have desires, which do not cause any misery for them.

Example: The essential quality of a seed is to germinate into a new plant. If the seed is roasted, it will lose the essential quality of a seed. It may continue to look like a seed and we may refer it by the word 'seed', but it is not a 'seed' any more. Fire has brought about this change in the seed.

Similarly, the essential quality of the desire is to cause misery. The knowledge about the illusory nature of the objects, destroy this essential quality. Therefore, the desire does not cause misery to the wise.

The wise people will continue to entertain desire since it cannot be totally avoided. However, such desires are harmless. Moreover, they benefit the society. Many good actions result from the wise due to such desires.

Example: Roasted seed is useful as food.

The wise do not have any desire prompted by the sense organs. All their desires are neutral desires that originate from the request of others. If such desires are not fulfilled it brings disappointment in others but does not affect the wise in any way.

If we have any such desire that does not develop into anger, disappointment or frustration etc, it can be encouraged.

Example: A man plays a game with a child. He is not affected in any way in winning or losing the game with the child.

However, if the same game is played with another man, one starts giving reality to the game.

We need to test our desires in the light of the above.

Statement 40: The desires of the wise are the will of the God.

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