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Panchadashi Lesson - G0313: Object

Module - G
Unit - G03
Lesson G0313: Definition and classification of 'Object'
By Raja Subramaniyan

Definition of the object

What is observed is an object. It includes everything in the world without any exception. It also includes name, fame, award, reward, power, position, people, wealth, family, friends and all forms of entertainment.

Statement 19: Object includes everything in the universe.

Classification of the object

There are many objects in the world. We come to know about them by seeing them, hearing about them, watching the television or by reading books/ magazines/ newspaper. In short what we perceive using our five sense organs make up 'our world' that consists of the objects known. We classify all the known objects into three distinct groups. (We do this without our conscious knowledge)

Objects, which we like
Objects, which we dislike
Objects to which we are indifferent

We do these based on the preferences in our mind. Therefore, the grouping is done differently by different people.

Dog can be a pet animal for one. Another may not tolerate the presence of the same dog. The third may be indifferent to it.

There is nothing inherent in the object to make it likeable or otherwise. It has no potential to influence anyone's life in anyway.

All objects (including human beings) are innocent by themselves. However, we make them desirable or intolerable due to our ignorance.

Our perception of the objects is very different from the true nature of the objects. After an in-depth research, we can find that our expectations from the objects of the world do not correlate with the potential or capabilities of the object.

Example: Air-conditioner will make us feel comfortable. It cannot make us happy.
Due to ignorance, we assume an air conditioner will give us peace and happiness. There are many such 'deficiencies' in the objects. In reality, objects do not have any deficiencies. Nevertheless, our wrong expectations make the objects appear to be deficient.

Statement 20: Objects are classified as what we like, dislike and neutral.

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