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Panchadashi Unit - G01: Person Knows Himself

Module - G
Unit - G01: If a person knows himself
By Raja Subramaniyan

On completion of this unit, the student will be able to
(a) Understand why reaching the Joyful Living destination is difficult.
(b) Distinguish between the apparent man and real man.

Notes to the teacher: (Ref 7.001 and 7.018 of the original text)

The student has to be briefed about Original/Reflected Consciousness (OC/ RC). This is not detailed in this module. The objective of this unit is to make the students aware that there are three different meanings of the word I and help them to use it with appropriate meaning. "I go" refers to the combination of OC and RC. "I am ONE" refers to the OC. "I suffer" refers to the unreal RC. It should be ensured that the students realize that there is ONLY OC. The other two (RC and the combination of OC and RC) are illusions. As a result the whole exercise of seeking and gaining knowledge is also illusion. Like a dream tiger helps us to wake up, scriptures (which are part of the illusion) help us to get awakened.

The whole purpose of studying this text 'Joyful Living' is to remove the problems of the eternal cycle. The fact is the suffering is illusion. The knowledge that the suffering is an illusion is also an illusion. The water bottle next to our bed cannot remove the thirst in the dream. Similarly only an illusory knowledge alone can remove illusory suffering. The rope-snake cannot be removed in real senseā€¦one cannot show the snake moving away from the rope. If one wrongly assumes that he has swallowed a poisonous pill, the doctor has to show a false pill (taken out of his pocket) to 'prove' that he has taken it out of the stomach and cured him.

Just like a traffic police man gets the power to stop vehicles only after wearing the uniform, ONE can claim 'I am ONE' only after putting on the illusory RC.

Unit Test:
1. Discuss the meaning of the word 'If', in the key statement. (Lesson 01)
2. Explain why action cannot solve all the problems in life. (Lesson 02)
3. Describe the three meanings of the word 'I' (Lesson 03)
4. Who can say 'I am ONE'? (Lesson 03)

Answers could be sent to the author for validation.

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