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Panchadashi Lesson - F0428: Role of Discrimination

Module - F
Unit - F04
Lesson F0428: Practical - Role of discrimination
By Raja Subramaniyan

The necessity for an enquiry arises only when there is contradicting evidences. One must have a strong sense of discrimination in order to analyze the apparently contradicting evidences and come to a single conclusion.

The ultimate truth is only one. Therefore, it is essential to come to a single conclusion. One should not compromise on the truth. The depth of the enquiry depends on our sense of discrimination.

Most people do not see any contradicting evidences in the universe. For them there is no need to conduct any enquiry. Their source of evidence is the five sense organs through which they perceive the universe around them. Since the sense of discrimination is not strong enough they accept the universe to be real without any enquiry.

As the sense of discrimination increases, they start questioning the evidences collected from the five senses. They then start seeing contradictions.

Example: The eyes see an object and report the shape and color. It means that object exists at that point of time. Eyes do not guarantee that the object will exist forever. Nevertheless, we wrongly conclude that everything around us is permanent.

In addition, we start seeing objects that are not visible to the eye using our sense of discrimination. By seeing the smoke we infer the presence of fire.

Therefore, we advance to a stage where our source of information is not the sense organs alone. We start accumulating knowledge by the use of our sense of discrimination.

As we progress in this direction, we come to a situation that our sense of discrimination conveys a truth, which is totally contradicting to the knowledge provided by our sense organs.

The universe appears to be present, as perceived by the sense organs. However, our sense of discrimination says that it is an illusion.

When such contradicting information is gained, we should be able to come to the correct conclusion. We should figure out that there are two orders of reality. In the absolute reality, the universe is an illusion and in relative reality, the universe is real.

Accordingly we act in this universe as if it is real, knowing all the time that it is an illusion. Thus, once we find the truth we continue to live like anyone else and at the same time, the universe loses its power to hurt us in anyway.

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