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Panchadashi Lesson - F0425: Nature of Problems

Module - F
Unit - F04
Lesson F0425: Enquiry into the nature of our problems
By Raja Subramaniyan

Most human beings face some problem or the other throughout their life. When they are in the midst of the problem, it will look very real. If they start a proper intellectual enquiry, it will appear to be real and false at the same time. Therefore, they will come to a stage when they say, "If I probe into the problem it looks very unreal but then I am still suffering. So I am not able to explain whether the problem is real or not."

Example: When we were students in the secondary school, corporal punishment was a real problem. However, when we look back now, it is a matter of fun to discuss the same with the friends and family. What was the problem to the student is fun from the adult perspective.

Thus, the seriousness of any problem in life depends on how it is perceived. The same set of events will be a crisis for some, problems for some and mere situation for some.

Example: A teen-age student mistakes the kind behavior of her teacher as love and wants to marry him.

Question: Is there real love between the student-teacher?

Perception 1: From the point of view of the student, the love exists for real. She is fully immersed in the thoughts of the teacher and she sees him as her life-partner. The mention of his name or his mere presence makes her feel very happy.
Answer: Therefore, the love is absolute reality for the student.

Perception 2: From the point of view of the teacher, there is no love. It is a good relationship between the student-teacher. All his actions towards her are very normal and not in anyway induced by the feeling of love. However, he is not able to convince the student that he is not in love with her.

Answer: Apparently, she is in deep love. Nevertheless, on enquiry it is seen to be just infatuation. It is impossible to explain the difference between 'love' and 'infatuation' to the student. Therefore, the teacher concludes that it is inexplicable.

Perception 3: From the point of view of an adult (may be the same student when she grows out of her infatuation) who sees the whole relationship in the true perspective there is no issue at all.

Answer: Therefore, the love is a non-existent feature.

Statement 57: On deep enquiry, we find that our problems do not exist at all.

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