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Panchadashi Lesson - F0106: ONE is Multiple Living Beings

Module - F
Unit - F01
Lesson - F0106: ONE is portrayed as multiple living beings
By Raja Subramaniyan

Just as the original cloth supports multiple types of cloths (on the different human figures) through the illusion created by the paint, in the universe the single ONE is depicted as multiple living beings through the illusion.

In reality, there is only one cloth. Similarly, in reality there is only one ONE.

The perceived cloths in the picture are of multiple types. Each cloth has different shapes (like shirt, frock, saree etc) and different colors. Some of them are torn and dirty. Others look nice and bright. But the real cloth is pure white without any wrinkles or holes.

Similarly, in the universe the living beings are of multiple types. Each one is looking different. In addition, some are suffering and others appear to be happy. But the ONE, which is the foundation, is ever witnessing joy.

There could be a dress on a particular human figure in the picture, which is of pure white in color. In other words if we look at the dress of that particular human figure, we realize that there is absolutely no difference between the real cloth and the superimposed cloth. The real cloth serves as the false cloth.

Thus, there are some human beings who identify themselves fully with ONE become ONE. Others are unaware of the fact that they are also the very same ONE and therefore suffer.

Statement 9: We have choice to identify ourselves with ONE or with the body/mind complex.

Example: An electric bulb is useless without electricity.
A glowing bulb can identify itself with the glass/ filament and feel small.
Alternatively, it can identify itself with the electricity and feel great.
The truth of the glowing bulb is the combination of two different entities namely glass/filament AND electricity.

In case of human being, there is only one entity, ONE. The body/mind complex is made out of power of illusion which reflects the consciousness aspect of ONE. Therefore, he has no choice but to identify himself with ONE. Without knowing this fact, many identify themselves with the body/ mind complex and feel small. When we realize that we are nothing but ONE, we ignore the universe.

Example: If the glowing bulb identifies itself with electricity, it does so with electricity that is common to all electrical gadgets. A 'wise' refrigerator may also identify itself with the very same electricity. There is no separate 'bulb electricity' and 'refrigerator electricity'.
Similarly, though we are all apparently different, we should identify ourselves with the very same ONE, which supports the universe.

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