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Panchadashi Unit - E05: Benefits of Learning

Module - E
Unit - E05: Benefits of Learning
By Raja Subramaniyan

On completion of this Unit, the student will be able to
(a) Understand the benefits of knowing the answers to the Eternal Questions.
(b) Provide appropriate answers to those who are not in a position to understand the complete answers for the Eternal Questions.

Notes to the teacher:
Prior to starting this module, the teacher should develop a test to assess how joyfully the students are living. The same scale/ scoring system should be used to assess the benefits after completing this module.

The benefits gained by the individual students should be assessed and guidance should be provided for the next steps.

Unit Test:
1. Describe how people belonging to various levels of intelligence view the Eternal Questions. (Lesson 24)
2. What are the answers to the Eternal Questions? (Lesson 25)
3. How long will it take someone to learn the answers?
4. What are all the benefits one will get by knowing the answers to the Eternal Questions?
5. Describe the difference in the behavior of people before and after getting knowledge, giving your own example. (Lesson 26)

Answers could be sent to the author for validation.

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