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Panchadashi Lesson - E0420: World-dependence to God-dependence

Module - E
Unit - E04
Lesson - E0420: World-dependence to God-dependence
By Raja Subramaniyan

Once a man is pushed into action and moves up to this level, the inertia in the system ensures that he continues to act. In fact the action will become so frantic that increasingly people will feel that 24 hours in a day is not enough.

In the previous level, people do not have the need to know the time of the day more accurately than morning, evening and night. There is nothing much to be done. However, in this level everyone is racing against time. There are so many tasks to be completed and there is so little time.

Statement 59: The role of religion in this level is to guide the human beings to do ONLY Good Actions and AVOID all Bad Actions.

He believes if this is not followed, he will suffer, so he turns towards God and starts avoiding all Bad Actions. He will then do as much good actions as possible.

Such Good Actions will bring him the support of good company and a competent compassionate teacher. Then he will be promoted to the next level.

Thus, the Scriptures guide the people who are dependent on the world to depend on God for happiness, peace and security, by avoidance of bad actions.

In addition to the above following additional contributions are made which are essential for the individual to complete the Level 4. They are

(a) Self Control (Mastery over sense organs)
(b) Self Confidence (Development and growth of ego)
(c) Self Integration (All the five personality layers to function harmoniously)
(d) Self-Effort (Non-fatalism. He should put in the effort to gain his goal)
(e) Balanced Mind (Steady mind is required to absorb the ultimate knowledge) This is developed by working for the sake of work

As they progress in this level, the perceived role of god, religion and scripture will become progressively less. They are too busy chasing material goals and do not have much time to spend on spiritual activities. Going to place of worship, celebrating the various religious festivals and following traditional practices are done more for breaking the monotony of the daily routine and for some sort of relaxation or entertainment. Much significance is not attached to such activities.

As a person is matured in this level, these activities assume more importance and he moves on to the next level.

All the actions by the individual are motivated by LIKES and DISLIKES initially. As he is matured in this level, he will start looking into the right and wrong aspects of the actions. Initially he will do even wrong actions because he likes them. After progressing in this level, he will ensure only right actions are done.

The strength of his likes and dislikes determines how long he stays in this level. His desire to meet the demand of his likes and dislikes make him work more. By doing more work his knowledge and intelligence increases. Then he sees the futility of prosperity. Therefore, he gets himself relieved from the pull of his likes and dislikes and get involved in action that will do good to him.

When he makes progress in this level all his actions will be motivated by RIGHT and WRONG instead of likes and dislikes.

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