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Panchadashi Unit - E04: Role of Religions and Scriptures

Module - E
Unit - E04: Role of Religions and Scriptures
By Raja Subramaniyan

On completion of this Unit, the student will be able to
(a) Identify how religion helps people who are at various levels of intelligence.
(b) See the oneness of all religions

Notes to the teacher:
All the religions are to be compared.

While there is no difference among religions, there are differences among people. It is not possible to give same prescription to two different patients. So depending on the status of the patient different paths to recovery is shown by the religions. Depending on the profile of the patients, the doctor is classified as 'Jaundice Doctor' or 'Malaria Doctor' since they treat that type of patients more often. Although all the doctors are educated in the same school of medicine, they are perceived differently, based on the type of the patients they treat. Any of the doctors could treat all the common diseases!

Similarly, any religion can guide any human being BUT due to the common profile of the followers, the various religions are perceived differently.

Thus, the same religion is portrayed differently based on the followers.

Unit Test:
1. How an inactive person is made active? (Lesson 19)
2. What is the main contribution and the five additional contributions by the religion for the people who are in the level of world dependence (Level 2)?
3. What is the difference in attitude towards work between Level 2 and Level 3 people? (Lesson 21)
4. Explain the role of religion in helping the people (at the different levels) progress towards the common goal.
5. What is the purpose of doing work for people in Level 1 to 5? (Lesson 23)

Answers could be sent to the author for validation.

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