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Panchadashi Lesson - E0316: Result of Action

Module - E
Unit - E03
Lesson - E0316: Result of Action
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 56: The results can be direct or indirect and visible or invisible

Direct-Visible results are those results, which come directly from the activity and it is seen clearly.
Activities Results
Professional: Salary, professional fee, profit/loss,
Service: Achievement of the service objective
Personal: Grades in the exam, fit body, relaxed mind
Social: Relationship/ friendship, family bonding

These results are called DIRECT results because they arise directly from the specified activities.

These results are called VISIBLE results because they arise soon after the performance of the specified activities and they can be seen as a result of the action.

The quantum of the result depends on how well the activities are done. An activity that is well done will definitely bring about corresponding good results. In addition, as a corollary, poor result can be directly attributable to poor performance.

Direct-Invisible results are those results, which come directly from the activity depending on whether the activity is good or bad. Good Actions will bring benefit and the Bad Actions will bring suffering.

There is a slight complication here. Although such result accrues directly from doing good/ bad actions, they are not always immediate. There is no water tight pairing between the Activity-Result. Therefore, such results are not seen as accruing from the activities performed.

Since a rationale mind is not able to correlate the activities with such results, they are termed as invisible results. Nevertheless, the fact is such results are due to the activities done in the past.
Activities Results
Professional: Promotion, huge profit/ loss, Awards
Service: Hurdles to the service/ unsolicited support
Social: Pleasant surprises/ unwarranted misunderstanding

Note: There is no example given for Personal Activities since they are generally done without the involvement of others and therefore are neutral in nature.
These results are called DIRECT results because they arise directly from the past activities. (Past activities include the activities done in the countless previous births)

These results are called INVISIBLE results because they are cumulative in nature and cannot be linked to any specified activity.

Good Actions and Bad Actions will bring about corresponding blessings and sufferings in just measure. It is not possible to make scientific calculation since we do not have information on the quantum of benefit that is deferred and the quantum of benefit that is fructified out of past accumulation.

Indirect-Visible result is the increase in the intelligence.

How well an activity is done determines the growth in the intelligence level. Practice leads to perfection. If an activity is done half-heartedly, the growth in the level of intelligence will be marginal. More involvement will enable faster growth in the level of intelligence.

This result is called INDIRECT because it comes as a by-product of the activity.
This result is called VISIBLE because everyone can perceive the growth in the skill, capability and the knowledge level because of doing the activities.

One of the basic goals of human beings is to gain more intelligence. This is being achieved as an indirect benefit of performing the various activities.

Indirect-Invisible result comprises two kinds of results

One is the sense of inadequacy and incompleteness. The second is mental maturity.

The combination of these two kinds of results enables the human being to move up in the level of intelligence as described in the previous unit.

These results are called INDIRECT because it is not from any specific activity.

These results are called INVISIBLE because people seldom recognize this result.

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